Publir: Diversifying Revenue Sources for Digital Content Creators

Anand Ramanujan, Co-founder & CEO

Monetizing digital content is a real struggle. Over the years, the sources of revenue for content creators have severely lacked in diversification, as a result of which companies most often rely on advertisements alone to earn from the content published online. This has been troublesome for most small and midsized publishers as they have failed to invest huge amounts in advertising. This is where Publir, a company excelling in the content monetization space, takes center stage.

Witnessing the prevailing challenges in this industry, Anand Ramanujan, an experienced entrepreneur with a diverse background in engineering, journalism and business administration, laid the foundation for Publir, a company that empowers content creators and publishers to drive better revenues. The company offers its platform to allow small and medium-sized publishers to leverage multiple monetization tools to diversify and improve their sources of revenue and scale their business without having to pay lump sum prices for advertising. “Our platform helps content creators better monetize their sites, build a broader audience base, and upscale brand loyalty,” mentions Anand Ramanujan, the co-fouder and CEO of Publir.

Publir is a comprehensive SaaS platform that is easyto- use and can be set up seamlessly. Moreover, companies do not need to pay a fixed fee to access the platform. Instead, they are charged a fraction of commission from the entire revenue generated. Users can simply download the WordPress plugin or execute a Javascript code on the header section of their website, and the Publir team can easily integrate their tools into the client website.

Our platform helps content creators better monetize their sites, build a broader audience base, and upscale brand loyalty

The Publir platform provides users with multiple tools for ad optimizations to choose the advertisers they wish to work with, the number of advertisements per page, and much more. It also offers subscription tools that clients can leverage to provide subscription plans for their readers and audiences. They can determine the messaging, preferable price points and plan structures for subscriptions such as monthly, yearly, or one-time plans for the audiences. The platform even helps to identify loyal users who regularly visit the sites and accordingly provide them with suitable subscription notice. With Publir, the end customers can also opt for ad free access to the sites. Besides, the publishers can offer exclusive options only to the subscribers, such as inviting them to special webinars and providing access to special sections of articles, which gives incredible opportunities to the clients to upscale their brand value and loyalty. Publir also offers a Crowdfunding tool that allows the most engaged audience of the brands to contribute funds through easy, one-click payment options and support the content.

Publir has more in store for its clients! It even offers an ecommerce tool called the QuickShop that allows brands to set up their ecommerce shop seamlessly and in no time. This assists clients in better engaging with their audience by selling unique products that meet the customers’ needs. For instance, if a client produces content on car repairs, the readers might not just be looking for the information on car repairs but need specific tools for the purpose.
Instead of purchasing the tools from other ecommerce sites, Publir makes it possible for brands to tie up with suppliers and sell the required toolkit through the platform. Additionally, the platform offers a robust AdBlock Recovery tool that can detect the users who have ad blockers installed and deploys methods to convince them to remove ad blockers or opt for ad-free subscription plans. This assists companies in eliminating the risk of losing ad revenues.

Publir’s efficacy in driving revenues has proved beneficial for several businesses over the years, Rick’s Free Auto Repair Advice being a prominent one. This digital resource offers content on multiple DIY and step-by-step repair advice along with buying tips. As the website continued to grow, the owner was looking for efficient tools to monetize the site with affiliate marketing, Google Adsense and the Amazon associates program. Sooner than not, he realized that affiliate marketing links reduce the on-page time, drag readers offsite, thereby affecting the generation of desired revenue. This was when Publir came to the rescue, helping them to elevate audience engagement and revenues by tenfolds!

Similarly, Publir’s platform can help several brands in accelerating their revenue generation. Ramanujan believes the platform to be incredibly efficient in assisting many social media influencers, bloggers, and other content creators in building their own brands besides the existing platforms they use for publishing content.

Publir is always focused on innovating and refining the platform by focusing on improving the machine learning capabilities and data algorithms to leverage the data more efficiently, such as identifying the buyers and most engaged visitors and optimizing revenues. Besides, Publir is keen on venturing into more sectors in the future and extend its offerings. Such a holistic approach has made Publir a revenue engine for digital publishers!