PatientClick: TeleMedicine modernizing Patient Care and Engagement

As the Affordable Care Act pushed healthcare organizations towards adopting telemedicine, electronic medical record-electronic health record (EMR-EHR) became a major driving factor in the healthcare landscape. EMR-EHR fundamentally allowed a physician or a clinician to keep medical data in a tabular format, through which doctors could exchange or share data with their counter parts and patients electronically. “Healthcare today is built on data which can support population health management and analytics to improve outcomes. Structured data—discrete and codified—has become essential for a healthcare institute,” remarks Ashish Mehta, CEO, PatientClick. The company offers a platform which assists clinical and ambulatory care facilities and hospitals to manage and maintain patient data in a discrete and structured format.

The firm connects people, process, and technology, allowing access to a web based multi-platform (Mac, PC, Smartphone, and iPad) application which is easy to navigate, and has customizable dashboards, integrated patient portal, and multi-provider communication tools. PatientClick’s cloud-based telemedicine solution is designed to modernize the way healthcare providers interact with patients.

With PatientClick’s web-based technology it is easy to reach out to patients beyond the geographical boundaries of medical office in a faster and cost-effective manner

With this solution, patients can engage with care providers via virtual consultation. It also enables healthcare institutions to communicate via secure telemedicine interface and share documents or educational material related to the patients’ conditions or diagnosis. Patients can also securely communicate with clinical staff and view the preventative plan of action, based on their age, gender, and current health conditions.

The telemedicine solution comes with a built-in Live EHR interface, which allows clinics and physicians to access electronic health records in an integrated manner. PatientClick’s solution also offers appointment scheduling, which allows the users to schedule their appointments according to their requirements. Users can create their profiles on the platform and get access to the clinics virtually to access their services. This way, the care delivery is much better, faster, and affordable.

PatientClick also offers a billing software—built-in practice management solution—that allows users to generate claims and process cash or credit card payment directly. On the other hand, doctors can monitor patients’ medical history to prescribe future medications and recommend follow up plans.
Patients’ medication is prescribed to their nearest pharmacy and in cases where patients cannot collect the medicines themselves, pharmacy can deliver them to their locations. Mehta goes on to say that the telemedicine solution is controlled by some companies in US, so the technology is there but it usually comes with their own clinical services. In such a scenario, PatientClick allows the clinics to use their own physicians. Thus, it proves to be the fastest to the market kind of strategy for doctors or clinics where they can offer service to their community right away.

PatientClick’s EHR system and Virtual Visit Telemedicine solution facilitate seamless collaboration. Medical professionals and clinicians can easily seek secondary opinions or exchange clinical data and use these solutions as collaboration tools to look at the same patient data across multiple locations. In some cases, patients do not go back to physicians because they don’t have access to transportation to reach out to a hospital. The firm’s telemedicine solution assists them to still follow up. “With PatientClick’s web-based technology, it is easy to reach out to patients beyond the geographical boundaries of medical office in a faster and cost-effective manner,” says Mehta.

Telemedicine is increasingly becoming an integral part of healthcare infrastructures, facilitating access to affordable, quality care. Operating with a similar vision, PatientClick is forging ahead to expand in India in collaboration with several large companies.