OpsRamp: Revolutionizing IT Operations Management for Hybrid Cloud Environments

Varma Kunaparaju, Co-Founder & CEO

A significant milestone was marked in hybrid cloud management after OpsRamp, a leading provider of AIOpspowered IT operations management (ITOM) software, was recently acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

OpsRamp's platform perfectly complements HPE’s offerings with its comprehensive solutions for monitoring, automating, and managing IT infrastructure, cloud resources, workloads, and applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

“Our long-standing strategic partnership with HPE, pre-acquisition, was through their investment in us and inclusion of our offerings in the GreenLake portfolio. This strategic acquisition represents a mutually beneficial triumph for both of us,” says Varma Kunaparaju, co-founder and CEO of OpsRamp.

Two areas of synergy can be focused on in the acquisition. By integrating offerings into the HPE GreenLake platform and enhancing AI capabilities, the companies can accelerate the realization of the GreenLake vision. By leveraging HPE's customer base and channel network, they can then effectively engage customers and expand their market reach. The goal is to optimize performance and minimize disruptions for critical workloads through the OpsRamp solution.

To align with GreenLake's vision of offering a compelling edge-to-cloud scenario, collaboration among IT teams is required to manage the environment spanning from the edge to the cloud.
OpsRamp provides a unified and integrated environment for comprehensive observability, including monitoring availability, performance, and service experience. Its monitoring solutions empower organizations to optimize performance, reliability, and carry out quick issue resolution across hybrid and multicloud environments. The solution seamlessly integrates diverse IT assets into a unified view, revolutionizing IT operations management for organizations adopting hybrid or multi-cloud strategies. It brings significant value to HPE.

Another significant advantage of integrating OpsRamp into HPE GreenLake is their plug-and-play templates and noise reduction features to simplify monitoring and management processes, facilitating data-driven decisions, efficient resource allocation, and a holistic understanding of the IT estate.

OpsRamp's automation capabilities transform IT operations, freeing IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives. This intelligent automation streamlines tasks, accelerates incident response times, and improves operational efficiency. By adopting OpsRamp's automation capabilities, HPE GreenLake drives streamlined workflows, improved service delivery, and increased business agility in managing hybrid cloud environments.

OpsRamp leverages AI through AIOps, enabling proactive identification and resolution of IT issues by analyzing vast amounts of data. Its AIOps capabilities and automated remediation empower businesses to save time and resources by minimizing manual intervention in resolving IT problems.

Another area where OpsRamp excels is its modular architecture, which allows customers to choose the most valuable features. This flexibility enables organizations to tailor the solution to their requirements, so they only invest in the capabilities that align with their business objectives.
The company's service mapping feature helps businesses understand the interdependencies between IT assets, wherever those assets reside, facilitating effective troubleshooting and risk mitigation.

Clients also save significant costs with OpsRamp's solution in hybrid cloud environments. By improving operational efficiency, reducing manual intervention, and optimizing cloud spending, it helps customers achieve significant cost savings. When integrated into HPE GreenLake, they can leverage advanced analytics and actionable insights to optimize resource allocation, identify cost-saving opportunities, and streamline their cloud spend.

Our long-standing strategic partnership with HPE, pre-acquisition, was through their investment in us and inclusion of our offerings in the GreenLake portfolio. This strategic acquisition represents a mutually beneficial triumph for both of us

OpsRamp's comprehensive cost management capabilities and HPE GreenLake's consumption-based IT as a service (IaaS) model offer customers a powerful solution to optimize their IT investments and drive financial efficiency.

The acquisition of OpsRamp by HPE strengthens HPE's position in the hybrid cloud market. Integrating OpsRamp's ITOM solution into HPE GreenLake provides unparalleled visibility, automation, security, and cost optimization. This strategic move enables businesses to unlock the full potential of their hybrid cloud environments, driving transformative possibilities and business success in the rapidly evolving IT landscape.