Nutanix: Simplifying Data Center Operations

Dheeraj Pandey, Founder, CEO & Chairman

Despite the radical developments taking place in IT, application challenges faced by datacenter infrastructure continues to scale to new heights. Today, with organizations handling a diverse set of business applications managing their infrastructure needs and unique requirements of performance, availability, scalability, and management has become complex and expensive. The operating costs increases owing to the complexity of deploying and managing siloed infrastructure along with the power consumed and space required by the extra equipment. True to this statement, many companies have failed to adapt to the need of modern virtualized applications and infrastructure owing to the legacy systems and solutions in place. In light of this, the growing demands of enterprise applications in today’s digital era are forcing CIOs to revamp their existing infrastructure as the silos created by traditional datacenter infrastructure adds to the complexity of managing data center starting from ordering, deployment, and management.

"Nutanix Cloud Native renders reliable, automated, secure, and efficient services to aid developers in taking advantage of on-prem reliable tooling and automation required to develop cutting-edge applications"

San Jose-based Nutanix has pioneered in hyperconvergence and invisible infrastructure by bringing forth a unique approach to meet the application needs of enterprises. The makes their infrastructure invisible which enables IT to focus on applications and services that can fuel business growth. The hyperconvergence infrastructure plays an exemplary role in the deployment, management, and scaling of datacenter resources by embedding x86-based server and storage resources with intelligent software. This enables organizations to replace their separate servers, storage networks, and arrays with a single hyperconverged infrastructure and eventually create an agile datacenter to excel among market peers. By associating with Nutanix, organizations can simplify their infrastructure needs with cost-efficient appliances that can be implemented in a span of 30 minutes.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

In a bid to simplify the infrastructure needs of its clients, Nutanix renders an Enterprise Cloud Platform that leverages web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design to embed compute, virtualization and storage into a unified software-defined solution powered with rich machine intelligence.

Nutanix has pioneered in hyperconvergence and invisible infrastructure by bringing forth a unique approach to meet the application needs of enterprises

The platform enables companies to predict performance, infrastructure consumption of cloud along with having seamless application mobility for a wide range of applications. The offering also facilitates seamless deployment of disparate virtual workloads including virtual desktop initiatives (VDI), development/test apps, private clouds, big data (Hadoop) projects and more. Powered by integrated data protection, non-disruptive upgrades, and self-healing systems the platform aids clients in garnering predictable performance, reliable disaster recovery, and efficient operations in a very cost optimal manner.

Nutanix Cloud Native

Often, bringing open source tooling and automation experience to the private cloud becomes a tedious job for enterprises as it requires a high level of expertise, labor, and automation. As a result enterprises are shifting towards cloud-native platforms as they are simple to deploy and scale. The major advantage of cloud-natiWve applications and public cloud is that they enable developers to focus only on developing applications without shedding much light to the infrastructure needs. With Nutanix Cloud Native, developers can have these substantial benefits on their private datacenter. Nutanix Cloud Native renders reliable, automated, secure, and efficient services to aid developers in taking advantage of on-prem reliable tooling and automation required to develop cutting-edge applications. One of the key differentiating factors of Nutanix Cloud Native is that it includes one-click Native Kubernetes, software-defined scale-out file, block, and object storage services, application monitoring, and database-as-a-service for accelerating automation and applications delivery.

A Comprehensive Overview of Products

While deploying any nascent technology, the complexity, cost, and tedious processes that come within often undermine IT from delivering the apps and services within deadlines. With Nutanix Acropolis software, companies can merge storage and compute in a single consolidated platform to run cloud-like infrastructure capable of running on any application on scale. Acropolis enables organizations to choose the adequate technology for their businesses along with the hardware platform, virtualization technology, and public cloud integration. With these salient benefits, IT teams get a comprehensive stack solution which can be deployed in minutes without the need of any specialists. The most distinguishing factor of the platform is that Acropolis ensures that failed disks never hamper data with adequate backups for all.
Further, Nutanix AHV—another proprietary offering of the firm is included with Acropolis to deliver virtualization solution for the multi-cloud world. With Acropolis and AHV, enterprises can embed virtualization into the Enterprise Cloud OS without the need to license, deploy, or manage separately. In a nutshell, AHV starts with an open-source technology combined with an enhanced data path to ensure optimal performance and robust security.

Next, to mitigate data breaches, Nutanix takes a holistic approach with its secure platform along with developing a robust partner ecosystem. The security development lifecycle of Nutanix embeds security into every facet of product development to establish robust security strategies. The firm uses a unique Security Development Lifecycle (SecDL) to supplement security in every step of the development process starting from design and development to testing and hardening.

The Helping Hand

Over the years, the firm has assisted many of its clients to achieve their business goals and steer ahead of other peers of the market. A case worth mentioning is of Agilis Networks who needed a resilient and high-availability platform for customer-facing services. As Agilis started its search for a new storage platform, the firm examined several options before zeroing on Nutanix. The firm deployed Nutanix NX- 6000-series system and had it up and running in less than two weeks. “Since this was a new installation and environment for us, we didn’t know the best way to segregate it from a security standpoint at first. So most of the time and effort during those two weeks was spent modifying our own internal environment. Had we finished all of that pre-work in advance, the Nutanix deployment probably would have taken less than an hour. It’s a very straightforward system to implement,” asserts Josey Frescura, VP, Competitive Services, Agilis Networks.

The Growing Ecosystem

To continually foster growth and help its clients excel in the market, the firm continuously develops long-term relationships with established leaders of the market. Recently, the firm collaborated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to sell a hybrid cloud as a service along with HPE servers running Nutanix’s software stack. “This global partnership is really the culmination of seeing enterprises demand tighter integration between HPE and Nutanix,” said Greg Smith, VP of marketing at Nutanix. “It allows the two companies to bring a Nutanix software experience to market in two different consumption models: GreenLake with the Nutanix software stack as a managed service, and then Nutanix can deliver to our customers a turnkey appliance by enlisting our Enterprise Cloud software with HPE servers.”

Forging ahead, the firm intends to continue working on its vision which says, ‘Simplified and harmonized datacenter operations for the multi-cloud era.’