Nowanalytics: Data-driven Contact Center for Optimal Customer Engagements

For Umesh Jain, CEO of Now analytics, following a customer centric business strategy and offering valuable expertise in the contact center and customer analytics domains are factors that have given his company a significant edge over its competitors. Now analytics, for over a decade. Be it customer service, technical support, sales, collections or specialized services like centralized scheduling and employee help desk, the company brings the power of analytics based planning, and decision making for internal and outsourced contact center operations.Now analytics focuses on leveraging data, aggregated from various customer touch points-phones, emails, social media, chats, point-of-sale-to help its clients in optimizing their customer service operations and provide a deeper understanding of the voice-of-customer and voice-of-market.

The company has developed its own core platform Now,analytics,
which aggregates data using an ever growing library of connectors to commonly available contact center and customer data platforms. The platform than prepares the data for visual analysis that incorporates tools from proven statistical analysis approaches like Six Sigma and Lean Sigma. The core engine also acts as the enabler to support a number of auxiliary modules that helps clients create a data driven decision making culture.

"The Now Rewards module uses behavioral science techniques to drives employee engagement and alignment of frontline and C-level executive objectives. It works very similar to the airline's miles program where agents and front line employees earn points based on the key metric performances in their respective jobs throughout the day," says Jain. The approach enables each frontline employee to know exactly what is expected of them, enables them to track their performance, and rewards them with social recognition and rewards for performance that make the enterprise achieve its vision.

The Now Alert module enables the organization to monitor key performance indicators throughout the day and send out alerts to different stakeholders when their attention is required. In addition to these,the platform stack also includes Now Forms. This module enables companies to standardize and automate manual business processes, while capturing additional data to improve customer

In one instance, a large regional Cable Company was going through rapid mergers and acquisitions as per their growth strategy. In this process,the cable company had a lot of disconnected systems and processes in their contact centers and customer service operations, which affected the client's financial outcomes. After careful assessment, Nowanalytics was brought in, and within 90 days was able to standardize the cable company's contact centre and customer service operations. With the Nowanalytics Platform, the service levels in the client's call centers improved by 50-70 percent in less than 120 days and the cost of operation was reduced by 18-20 percent in the first six months.

Until now, Nowanalytics has been specifically focused on the telecom and cable, consumer goods and services, healthcare, and retail industries. However, the company has started to move into other verticals like education and government as well. Additionally, through the use of its partnering model, Now analytics is collaborating with contact centers across the globe in the outsourcing field to make them 'Nowanalytics Certified' contact centers."We have added managed services to help our clients deliver better results from in-house and outsourced contact center operations by allowing us to manage the customer experience, performance, and quality delivered from their customer contact center operations," concludes Jain.