NetSpring: Helping Businesses Gain Insights from Operational Event Data

Vijay Ganesan, Co-Founder & CEO

The changes that the pandemic has introduced in the business world are radical, impactful, and long-lasting. Today, for every organization— irrespective of its size and field of operation—it has become essential to accelerate the pace of digital transformation for staying afloat and competitive. That's why several companies have moved from their on-premise legacy systems to the cloud. Simultaneously, a massive amount of event data from disparate sources like different devices, sensors, and phones is becoming available for analytics. Businesses need to gain insights from this actionable event data for improving their operational agility and making crucial decisions in real-time.

Addressing this requirement is NetSpring—a company enabling customers to have continuous, AI/ML-assisted, actionable business insights from operational event data.

“Nowadays, the business world is looking for a comprehensive platform that can ensure timeliness of insights, help monitor every single event, and allow to take immediate action on a failing performance attribute or a new business opportunity,” says Vijay Ganesan, CEO of NetSpring. “Our operational intelligence platform embodies all these qualities. By utilizing real-time data analytics and combining it with historical data, it aids customers in making good business decisions and improving agility of their product or process.”

With analytics moving upstream closer and closer to where data is born, we envision becoming the center of gravity of analytics for enterprises in the years to come

The NetSpring platform acts as a command center for any critical business operation. It allows organizations to observe customer behavior patterns or process flows and analyze their performance in real-time. “This is the single command center where businesses can have a continuous real-time understanding of the health of their business, and comprehensively analyze all anomalies and opportunities. We call it the central nervous system of enterprise data,” adds Priyendra Deshwal, Co-Founder and CTO, NetSpring. The platform provides rich connectivity and modeling to accurately and efficiently represent, compute and visualize business metrics, cutting across streaming and batch data sources. Users can use slice-and-dice analytics or study event patterns to understand the cause of why some performance metrics deviated from their intended values. It also provides hooks to action systems to automate corrective actions. Consequently, analysts can have a more timely and deeper understanding of their operations, and drive a company’s performance accordingly. What enables the platform to seamlessly provide such insights is the presence of Convergent Analytical Processing (CAP) Technology—an analytical module that converges streaming (Data-in-Motion) and batch (Data-at-Rest) data in one unified platform with an integrated storage engine.
Moreover, the platform is template-driven. It contains a rich library of generic templates that allow a user to model their business and structure their analytics. Once they launch a template, it walks them through a wizard-like interface where they can fill up a form and start monitoring the data in an instant. For more advanced scenarios, they can use standard SQL or NetSpring's own language, NetScript, which is an abstraction layer over SQL, to express the analytical pattern or event sequence they want to analyze. “In a nutshell, we provide an end-to-end solution from connectivity to sources, to visualizations and dashboards, ad-hoc analytics, and application composition,” Ganesan asserts.

While engaging with customers, NetSpring follows a POC-driven approach where it applies the platform to help customers understand how effectively it can work with their data and modus operandi. That's not all! The company runs a 24/7 support line to help customers during any adverse scenario. Ganesan remarks, “We have our own tool that monitors the platform and alerts us in case of any anomaly so that we can fix it before the customer even realizes.”

To further enhance the capability of the platform, NetSpring has started building use-case-specific templates. It believes that templates will enable customers to get started very easily with modeling constructs familiar to their specific use case. “With analytics moving upstream closer and closer to where data is born, we envision becoming the center of gravity of analytics for enterprises in the years to come,” Ganesan concludes.