Moveworks: A Very Human AI Platform

Bhavin Shah, Co-Founder & CEO

Traditionally, when a ticket is submitted to the IT department, it goes through an arduous four-step process to be resolved. The team needs to listen to the employees’ complaints, understand their issue, figure out the root cause, and finally, address the issue promptly. While this works well for smaller companies, it takes several days to a week to manually resolve tickets in enterprises with larger workforces.

Within the last two decades, billions of dollars have been spent by enterprises to develop better ticketing systems and optimized self-service portals to smoothen routing, tracking, and workflow. An essential step to streamline this process is interpreting the language used in the ticket and understanding the issue. Today this process requires human agents to read each ticket manually. In order to solve this with technology, enterprises need an AI platform that has Natural Language Understanding (NLU) – a machine learning technique that understands the semantics of sentences and helps teams uncover the nature of what is being requested by the employee. Such is the autonomous AI platform that Moveworks delivers. Bhavin Shah, Co- Founder and CEO at Moveworks, has over 18 years of experience in building companies.
His history of forging successful companies like—acquired by LinkedIn—has led him to believe that “simplicity is beautiful, focus is power, and less is more.” This belief is reflected wholly in Moveworks’ AI platform.

Moveworks AI is focused on resolving internal IT help desk issues autonomously

The misconception among employees that a chatbot is not the ideal way to resolve their IT issues can be attributed to most chatbots lacking good fluidity in conversations. The Moveworks AI platform, however, is seeing the opposite with high adoption among employees across all their customers. The Moveworks platform uses advanced machine learning, deep learning, and NLU to completely automate the resolution of IT support issues. Moveworks has enabled employees to trust chatbots with their IT issues and can even take action for requests such as software upgrades and license renewals. “The chatbot is integrated into corporate collaboration platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace, and others. Any IT issues posted on these channels are picked up and interpreted by the bot using NLU,” says Shah. If any additional information is required to diagnose the issue, the bot engages in conversation with the user to clarify the request, ask follow-on questions, and even request approvals. The AI can also read and interpret emails pertaining to IT tickets to help resolve issues instantaneously. Moveworks’ user-friendly AI platform has eliminated the need for employees to use phone calls or lengthy forms to file tickets.

Since its inception three years ago, Moveworks has continually made waves in the chatbot landscape.
For example, Broadcom—a semiconductor manufacturing company—found themselves impressed with the ease and speed with which the platform was integrated into their systems. Within the first week of installation, the chatbot autonomously solved 8 percent of IT tickets. Today, the bot solves 40 percent of IT-related issues every week, without the customer having to do any additional work or hire any additional machine learning experts or coders. Moveworks’ solution has saved its customer more than two months worth of workload in manually resolving IT tickets. This trait of saving manpower and time is especially desirable when a customer grows through M&A and acquires a new company. Moveworks has developed a chatbot solution that can comprehend language, switch contexts at every turn, and skip forward or backward in steps. In short, it is a tool that does not stumble and fall when faced with tricky queries.

“Rather than trying to build a product that tries to guess what customers might want in the future, Moveworks’ AI is focused on resolving issues that are already predominant. It aims to solve as many tickets automatically as possible, and lower the unresolved ticket percentage every year,” says Shah. As each day goes by, Moveworks adds more capabilities to their solution. This has been further accelerated thanks to the recent $75 Million it has raised from investors like Iconiq Capital, Kleiner Perkins, BainCapital Ventures, and Sapphire Ventures, bringing the total capital raised to $105 Million. Moveworks will expand its sales to reach companies all over the country and has plans to enter the international markets in Europe. Over the next few years, the team aims to have their solution resolve up to 80 percent of IT tickets autonomously.