Mobiquest Solutions: Mobility Coupled with IoT to Gain Competitive Advantage

Widely accepted as the most disruptive technology today, Mobility has evolved from just providing enterprise email and data on the move, to introducing applications and services that have the potential to change the way companies do business. "Organizations are almost unanimous that enterprise mobility can generate competitive advantage," Rakesh Sabharwal, Founder and VP, Mobiquest. Foreseeing the next desideratum to create a new user experience that is more personalized and targeted to cater to an individual users' need Mobiquest began its crusade. "We leverage our traditional strengths of Mobility coupled with IoT and sensors-offering new products to our customers," explains Sabharwal.

Mobiquest works very closely with LOBs to define their pain point and explore new mobile strategies. The process of conceptualization is a time consuming process; a lot of attention is required to identify the process which should be mobilized. The execution or app development is relatively easier though launch and change management is again a challenge. "We offer flexible, innovative and highly integrated mobility solutions-for smart cities in the development of transportation, industrial automation, waste management, intelligent retail management and online and offline services," says Sabharwal. Thus, confirming timely and assured deliveries with its newfound ordinances-reducing operation cost and improving productivity. "Our flagship solution iTransform remodels the field service,
inspection tasks, safety checks and maintenance operations from a manual paper-intensive system to a real-time visualization and location-sensitive operations," says Sabharwal. To help organizations locate and track employees and assets and indoor navigation the company has introduced an application called iLOCATE. In addition to customer care, tech support and marketing engagement Mobiquest also provides an enterprise virtual assistant-the new engagement application called iASSIST. With myriads of solutions under its belt-Mobiquest's iSIGN allows any document to be signed electronically with hand-written signature while iENABLE is the new app responsible for mobilizing businesses. "We have also launched a new product targeted at Smart City initiatives called SMART WASTE MANAGEMENT which reduces costs and saves time. Its automatic monitoring of bins provides timely details of when they are full, permitting optimized route planning for collections," says Sabharwal.

Mobiquest understands the client's processes but at the same time shares its experience and industry best practices-offering more value in improving process and at the same time retaining the core essence of it. Illustrating the case of Singapore District Cooling Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Singapore Power, yearned the necessity to execute scheduled ad hoc tasks and collect data in a flexible and location specific manner. The power house implemented iTransform for its

Rakesh Sabharwal

Founder & VP

Plant operations and transformedthe legacy maintenance operations from a paper-intensive, laborious and slow system, to a real-time location-sensitive upkeep system. The effective use of low cost smart sensors and smart devices to provide increased operational efficiency and productivity also helped the company win the top award. "The project was the winner of the 'Singapore's highest accolade for infocomm innovation - National Infocomm Award for Most Innovative Use of Technology (Private Sector - SME)' category," says Sabharwal.

Innovation and passion are the two factors responsible for Mobiquest's relevant and customer centric approach. "We are spending an ample amount of time, energy and money in developing new solutions for smart environment. And further plan to develop end-to-end smart city solutions in the areas of environment and health-focused towards smarter enterprises and smarter cities," concludes Sabharwal.