MindTickle: A Gamified, Simplified Sales Readiness Approach

Krishna Depura, CEO

The world of B2B sales and marketing has evolved with more information more easily accessible has led to buyers being increasingly educated when it comes to purchasing products or services. With the insurgence of newer marketing technologies, available data and new marketing channels, it has become easier for sellers to connect with their desired demographic. However, the evolution of marketing has also led to a more informed and discerning buyer. This has undoubtedly brought about a global paradigm shift mandating organizations shift from being seller-centric to buyer-centric. In addition, increased competition in the markets in which companies operate is inevitable and has lead to a major transition in the role of a salesperson, which cannot be confined to just delivering a product but also in adding value and providing great service to prospects and customers. Another rising concern for most companies is ensuring a global sales performance that is on par with their competition. In this dynamically changing sales scenario, the phrase, “Entrepreneurship is neither a science, nor an art, but a practice,” is reflected in the genesis and foundation of MindTickle. Krishna Depura, CEO at MindTickle, along with his team has created a cloud-based platform that allows companies to execute various Sales Readiness and Enablement programs. MindTickle’s objective is to keep their respective sales representatives and customer service teams updated and equipped with the right combination of knowledge, skills and behaviors, to elevate their productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. As Depura states, “What we have done is created a dynamic readiness platform to ramp the sales reps and keep them equipped to meet the demands of the customers to the best of their potential.”

The fundamental principle that has powered the conception of MindTickle is keeping pace with the growing demands of buyers that require the sales teams across the globe to become more efficient and effective in delivering their services. The increase in the number of digital campaigns for a growing base of target customers, account-based marketing, and a curated approach to consumers has brought about a need to formulate strategies that will help sales reps handle complexities of navigating the new buyer-seller relationship. MindTickle’s innovative platform allows its clients to build onboarding programs, both online and offline, with web and mobile access to onboard people in a productive and predictable manner, within a very short period of time.

What we have done is created a dynamic readiness platform to ramp the sales reps and keep them equipped to meet the demands of the customers to the best of their potential

Alongside this, the company also helps in creating courses, certifications and assessments to enable the sales teams to stay up-to-date and mindful of technological, customer and market changes. What makes MindTickle’s offering even more unique are the included layers of gamification that make the content more engaging and consumable, throughout the readiness journey. The company engages and motivates the reps by converting each of their interactions into points on leaderboards and also by providing badges to them. This feature not only gets them completely engaged in the process but also provides a clear view of they compare to their team members performance and encourages them to put in the effort to make themselves ready to drive revenue and brand value. Another novel feature of the platform is that it employs micro learning, which allows quick creation and dissemination of bite-sized content in the form of relevant videos, quizzes, and polls. MindTickle enables the customers to create holistic scenarios in which reps are required to practice their pitch, to ensure they are clearly and correctly communicating the unique value proposition of their products or services to ensure successful sales interactions. Through both web and mobile channels, clients are able to demonstrate their capabilities through videos, which provide added visibility that helps the managers responsible for coaching the sales reps, analyze and improve the teams’ productivity, even before the pitch reaches the end-users.

The 360-degree readiness platform of MindTickle provides an end-to-end solution right from the beginning. From onboarding and ongoing learning for new product launches or company updates and to ongoing coaching, skills development and practice to reinforce knowledge and desired behaviors these offerings have helped sales reps better themselves and deliver improved business outcomes. The value MindTickle provides has had a positive impact on teams across verticals like technology, pharmaceutical, insurance, oil and gas, retail, as well as other Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies.

The company has successfully placed itself not just as a software company but also a full scope solution provider as it understands and mitigates the challenges of its clients to help them realize their sales potential.
MindTickle partners with various training and strategic consultants who can offer the most appropriate solution and guidance to its clients. In terms of the ease-of-use, MindTickle customers can easily log in, customize and configure the platform in accordance with their requirements. The company not only provides a comprehensive platform to ready their teams but also employs best practices for readiness and enablement tailored to the needs of the customer.

Apart from the consultant teams and the customizable platform itself, MindTickle also incorporates a world-class customer success team who work in collaboration with the clients. They not only provide support but also ensure that customers achieve their desired outcomes. As Depura emphasizes, “If there are any questions or concerns, clients can click a button and in about 20 minutes they get a response. Compare this to the industry average response time of nearly two hours. This extreme focus in making customers successful is the biggest secret sauce of MindTickle.”

The company provides services in a three-fold manner. The biggest focus for the company is on the sales leaders who are given maximum flexibility in terms of product and platform, including a lot of visibility and the ability to gain a deep understanding of their teams via analytics and reports. The next emphasis is placed on the sales reps where the platform is equipped with aspects of usability, mobile and web interface, gamification, and personalization. Lastly, the foremost focus of MindTickle is its clients and the company innovates new features and offerings while taking customer feedback and requests to better serve them.

MindTickle has proven to be successful in their endeavor to help their clients build an efficient and effective sales team. On several occasions, the company has helped them reduce their ramp time by up to 50 percent. The companies were also able to analyze the pitches of their team members and ensure complete sales team engagement which enhances their productivity and efficacy.

Coming from a non-sales background, the team at MindTickle has effectively worked towards bringing a data-driven approach to improving the principles of the sales force. The company, by employing AI and machine learning into its product stack continues to create a huge impact in its sales readiness approach. MindTickle prides itself on the work culture, communication and innovation it offers through both its teams in the USA and India. “We try to create an ecosystem where work-life balance is not just a rat race of sorts but something more enjoyable, productive and valuable. What we do is create an impact not only in the lives of our customers but also our employees,” concludes Depura.