MeetMonk: Fostering a New Paradigm in Education and HealthCare

Brahma Mishra, Founder and CEO

The last 12 months have been exciting times for MeetMonk, to say the least.

Incorporated in 2020, MeetMonk set out to develop a collaborative platform that would be device agnostic and bring participants to share real-time audio, video, chat, and whiteboard with a single mouse click. It would need no app installation but work anywhere on a browser. With that philosophy, an extremely userfriendly platform was created that could be adopted by young and old alike. But right when it was being rolled out, COVID hit, and everything came to a grinding halt all over the globe. Face-to-face interactions dwindled, and there was a mad rush to do everything online. Result? Everyone scrambled to retrofit one-size-fitsall video conferencing platforms into their business offering. That included MeetMonk’s own simple to use VC platform in various applications.

Brahma Mishra, the Founder and CEO of MeetMonk, quickly realized that a cookie-cutter solution for all communication needs would not fly as the industries mature. The collaboration platforms would need something more substantial, something tailor-made for each specific industry. “Our collaborative platform demands were growing in particularly two fields—education and healthcare.

We are in talks with the Indian government to use our technology for providing high quality education to the tribal students

All the students that were forced back home, needed to continue studying. Patients needed to see doctors without having to go visit crowded hospitals and without having to get exposed to the contagion. So, three groups of schools and six hospitals in India started using MeetMonk’s platform right off the bat,” says Mishra.

With that experience, Mishra and the advisory board got busy planning two distinct ecosystems built ground up to cater to Education and Healthcare verticals. These verticals were offered MeetMonk’s core engine that uses the system resources frugally and provides connections and secured data transfers in low bandwidth areas with frequent packet drops (hence the name MeetMonk—a collaboration platform that is lean, is as wise as a monk, and is forgiving to human errors).

MeetMonk’s Digitally Immersive Classroom Experience (DICE) was born as a 360-degree education management system that potentially alleviates the need to have a physical classroom. It manages the whole teacher and student roster, attendance, classes, homework, and exams with one click. “DICE includes AI-enabled learning and adaptive tests that not only adjust the difficulty levels of the tests depending on the student’s competency, but also offers pinpointed analytics and recommendations on their focus areas and areas of improvement.
Even subjective questions can be evaluated online,” mentions Mishra. At a time, about 300 students can partake in a single class, and hundreds of classes can run simultaneously. Further, the platform offers a unique set of technologies to disable/enable audio and video of students remotely. Management can monitor each class and exam from a safe distance.”

In addition, the MeetMonk HealthCare platform was created to disrupt the traditional hospital setup by offering entire digital medical records (EMR) that patients can access anywhere from the cloud on their phones. A patient can see a doctor with one click and also see a specialist in the same session with one more click within 30 seconds (if the network has specialists standing by).

In the education sector, MeetMonk has taken responsibility to provide affordable education for the underprivileged both in the US and in India. "Currently, we are in talks with the Indian government to use our technology for providing high quality education to the tribal students,” states Mishra. Further, the company is planning to integrate with existing wearables (Apple Watch, Samsung watch, Fitbit etc.) and bring out its own wearables (wristbands or rings) that can track difficult parameters such as blood sugar level noninvasively and sync it real-time with its servers for patient alerting. “We just received our second round of funding and are raring to go change the lives of teachers-students and doctorspatients.” informs Mishra.