MCP Gov: Cricketer to Federal IT provider Solutions

Raj Ghai, President

Businessman, cricketer and philanthropist, Rajinder (Raj) Singh Ghai is a man focused on empowering the Sikh community. Raj’s background as a successful cricketer, restaurant owner, federal IT supplier, and philanthropist, speaks volumes about him as a man of many talents. The morals, values, and ethics he acquired during his time as a cricketer laid the foundation for one of San Diego’s leading information technology resellers. As an international Indian cricketer, he played Ranji trophy for 10 years and captained the Punjab state team for three years. Playing in his very first one day international game against England he got wicket of Tim Robinson in his very first over which is a rare feat. Praised by the press as one of the fastest Indian bowler of his time, Raj was also famous for his hard hitting batsmanship, having achieved a highest score of 114 not-out against “Services” in 1986.

In 1991, playing for San Diego Cricket Club Raj helped them to win many championships. He was part of the US selection panel for cricket and was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2015 and honored as the Cricketer of the Century by the Southern California Cricket Association. He became founder and leader of the San Diego Youth Cricket program, helping kids gain valuable life skills through cricket, training them to become team players. The teamwork oriented outlook that the sport awarded to his life extended itself to his success in business as well.

Raj’s first business venture was running a successful local Indian restaurant. It was at this time that Raj observed the rise of IT organizations both private and public. He knew he could be a serious player in this arena and decided to start MCP Computer Products, Inc. in 1999, with intent to create a single point super service provider to address a company’s every IT need.

We design, deploy and maintain the most sophisticated solutions by combining high-end professional services and cutting-edge technology and offer an all-encompassing end-to-end solution

Raj organized his company around that very same team concept that he brought from his love of the game of cricket. And while many feel that a successful company can only be built through aggressive techniques and push, Raj has demonstrated that teamwork and fair play make for increased sales, high customer satisfaction and most importantly happy employees. MCP has and continues to win numerous awards such as the business supplier of the year award, and is the key federal systems integrator for organizations such as BAE, SAIC and General Atomics.

MCP, the company, supplies solutions to federal agencies in areas of asset management, information technology transformation, and helps solve the most common problem in government—getting the right information resource to the right people, on time, and under budget. The firm adopts a best vendor approach and supplies services, project management, desktops, laptops, servers, storage, and networking devices to major federal agencies in the U.S. With strong relationships with major vendors and distributors such as Dell, HP and Lenovo, MCP Gov satisfies a wide range of customer requirements for their diverse array of clients. “We design, deploy and maintain best in class IT by combining professional services and demonstrated leading-edge technologies to offer an encompassing end-to-end solution,” Ghai says. The company supervises and coordinates every aspect of the design and deployment of their solutions. Hybrid multi-cloud environments are everywhere, but they look on this as a technology multi-distribution platform. Security, access control, and customer experience are the main focuses of MCP’s approach. His captain-like management skills guide his customer solutions team through all of their commonly faced challenges and obstacles, making for the happiest of customers.

MCP has collaborated with the US General Services Administration, the US Army, SAIC, and General Atomics. The company has won several government wide contracts and leverages their partner arrangements, extensive logistics and past performances to expedite the delivery of IT services and systems to clients across the federal government. Their large portfolio of services, contracts, and partners enable the firm to expedite delivery of IT services across agencies efficiently.

Raj recognized the dire need for “IT strategies and solutions,” and made sure that MCP would bring an array of solutions to the table that would cover areas of infrastructure management and acquisition, human capital management and logistics. Because MCP’s clients are federal agencies, overcoming mission critical challenges are an integral part of their daily business. IT transformation and modernization are topping every organization’s agenda, and for that reason, MCP Gov introduces MCP HelpDesks to help agency leaders and program managers achieve their digitalization objectives within the constraints of budget and time. Their technical capabilities and on-site dedicated IT personnel are committed to protecting their clients’ information assets.

As an IT service provider, and economically disadvantaged, woman-owned small business, Raj positioned MCP’s focus on providing products and solutions that meet the strategic goals of clients. Raj acknowledges the importance of employing high-level technocrats who deliver a seamless service. Not only do they provide deployment services but also extensive maintenance and support for the hardware, networking and telecommunications infrastructure. Through these efforts, the company aims to be a single source supplier for the hardware and software requirements of government agencies.