Mallawa Ventures: Innovative Technologies Aimed at Building Smarter Communities

Raj Karan, President & CEO

"Technology” is the fuel that powers every business today. Still, one company has made the most effective and intelligent use of technology in not just one but many fields over the years to address the needs prevailing in society. Mallawa Ventures.

Having consistently innovated with technology to accelerate its operations and fulfil the tasks at hand, Mallawa Ventures has had an eventful journey across different verticals in the past decade, ranging from automobile to healthcare and renewable energy.

Mallawa Ventures was founded by an ambitious individual and innovator, Raj Karan, who holds the experience of having founded and succeeded in many of his entrepreneurial ventures in over past two decades. His passion is to continuously introduce smart solutions and advanced technologies to address a prevailing market need effectively, which led to the inception of Mallawa Ventures. That reflects well in each of the areas that the company has set foot in. Mallawa Ventures started its journey in the smart solutions segment in 2014 when the world witnessed a growing need for the same.

Around the same time, the newly elected Indian government had announced its plan to develop 100 smart cities, which created enough opportunities for the Mallawa Ventures team to get into the Indian market, which already was one of the critical markets for Raj during his stint with other prior ventures. “It made us feel we were at the right place at the right time,” he adds. As the concept of smart cities was picking up in India and all across the globe at the time, the company came up with a technology to help Indian cities move toward the electric vehicles concept. “We wanted to see how we can provide means for people to move around for shorter distances in the smart cities by leveraging technologies like electric vehicles, and we matched on to that opportunity by introducing electric bikes,” explains Raj.

Enabling Smarter & Safer Communities Globally by Bringing the world’s top technologies together for Global Good!

Mallawa Ventures has made this possible with its patented technology, working in partnership with some major automobile companies. The availability of electric bikes can be of great significance across universities spread across acres where students regularly need to go from one point to another. Mallawa Ventures envisions providing them options to make them smart campuses by putting electric vehicles to play including electric buses for daily commute.

In a country like India, where the automobile industry is undergoing a major transformation and government has indicated automobile electrification as a key focus area, Mallawa Ventures is taking all the proper steps to utilize the opportunity at hand. “We have a great product and technology, which is integrated with AI. It allows capturing real-time data that can be useful to make meaningful decisions in whichever industry it is implemented in,” adds Raj. In the long run, the Mallawa Ventures team aims to continue innovating with technology in the automobile sector, carry out R&D in areas that need to be addressed, and offer intelligent solutions. Raj is joint ventured to establish six major technology centers including Ghana, India and other strategic markets.

The company’s problem-solving aptitude has also made it venture into the healthcare sector, witnessing a shortage in resources due to the pandemic. At the beginning of 2020, the team at Mallawa Ventures found out that several healthcare institutions, private and public companies and ministries needed protective gear and other resources to fight the pandemic. That’s when the company quickly launched a different vertical to focus on fulfilling such needs. “2020 was all about preventing people from getting COVID.
And in 2021, as things have started improving, it’s all about getting people vaccinated,” says Raj. The latter however, has been a significant challenge due to the shortage of vaccines. In such a scenario, Mallawa Ventures & Group plays a crucial role by helping countries obtain economically priced vaccines in desired quantities in the fastest possible manner by associating with all the major manufacturers of Covid-19 vaccines. The company is also applying Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine learning concepts to track the vaccine supplies going to each country. This data proves meaningful for governments and healthcare organizations to make critical decisions to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and be prepared for the future. Raj spearheads the Pharma vaccine production with multiple joint ventures in NA, SA, APAC, MEA & EU in producing the vaccines and making them available for under privileged countries as part of Humanitarian efforts. Recently committed 30million vaccines as part of philanthropic efforts. He firmly believes by engaging right resources vis his ventures he can make this world a safer place by using them in high traffic zones and various other scenarios.

Another area where Mallawa Ventures is investing its resources and efforts tirelessly in recent years is renewable energy. The company has been working on setting up solar plants, generating the energy, and offloading it to the private and public sector. The company also has a technology, which allows it to convert waste to energy. So, the tech will take any waste and convert that into energy which can be consumed. Mallawa Ventures is also building one of the largest energy-power plants, a private-public partnership aimed at developing a 1000 megawatt plant.

Talking about the various technology solutions introduced in different verticals over the years, Raj says, “ Enabling Smarter & Safer Communities Globally by Bringing the world’s top technologies together for Global Good”. We embrace about 50 top technologies in the world.” These technologies coupled with Raj’s passion to continuously innovate have made Mallawa Ventures make a mark in the newest territories over time.