Lorven Technologies: Strategic Consulting Redefined

Bala Shan

President & CEO

Enterprise technology is the most diverse and dynamic markets. Today, enterprises across various industries are looking for ways to add value to their service delivery. In such a scenario, organizations are replacing application development and production support teams with DevOps teams and embracing rigorous training for employees that involves external consultants in negotiating the steep learning curve. This is where Lorven Technologies comes in.

Based out of Plainsboro, NJ, Lorven Technologies provides high quality and cost-effective strategic services in areas of analysis, design, development, and maintenance of various information systems. The company renders to a wide array of domains ranging from finance particularly asset management firms,and insurance to healthcare and education.It provides solutions that combine domain and technical expertise,Being the consultant who brings in
an 'outside in' perspective to its solution, Lorven operates with all stakeholders at all levels of a client's enabling Lorven to efficiently attend to their customers' domain specific requirements."Lorven takes the approach of being a 'partner' of the customer;a partner who has' invested' in the success of the customer," Bala Shan, President and CEO at Lorven Technologies.

organization, assuring maximal value generation. For instance, Lorven has developed a number of Social Networking Software products for various domains. One such developed product is the School Corner, a collaborative communication portal for schools which bridges the communication gap between educational institutions and parents of the educatee. It enables the institution to share extensive insights, ranging from the students performance and attendance to the fees dues.

"Our DNA is in 'partnering with the customer'.We implement solutions that fit the customer's need and technology maturity,"says Bala. Lorven helped an institution of higher education for developing a MOOC based Learning Management System (LMS) by proficiently analyzing the issues and the specific client requirements. "We conducted an extensive analysis based on the conversations we had with the educators and the students. "Eventually,Lorven's subject matter experts customized a cloud based LMS, which
expeditiously catered to the intricate needs of the educational institution.

Apart from being aware of specific challenges in a domain, Lorven possesses key expertise in integrating technology trends to tackle market issues. With more than $10 billion in assets, a leading asset management firm was restrained due to whopping amounts of data confounded in its database and canned reports. They approached Lorven, who assessed the situation, and subsequently conducted interviews with all stakeholders and consumers of the systems. Lorven Technologies laid down effectual alternatives, chose the one that could deliver optimum results, and implemented a solution combining BI tools, modernizing legacy code and mobile enablement.

The company contrives to extend and ramp up its reach,knowledge base,and partnerships to embark into the Internet of Things(IoT)space. With a robust sales pipeline, myriads of solutions, ROI maximizers, and TCO minimizers, the company plans to hit the market with an impactful debut and surmount revenues over $50 million.

"While this is a new division of investment and focus at Lorven,our core businesses will continue to receive attention and also,continue the steady growth that we have seen over the past 15 years," extols Bala.