Litera: Document Management from Creation to Delivery

Paul Domnick


Documents are the currency of business. In today's global economy, document creation, review, and exchange are as critical as hiring the right people, or having enough capital.Deepak Mass and realized this as early as 2001, and found that the standard tools at that time did not provide the ability to be fast and accurate. With the opinion that too much time was being spent understanding the state of the document, and not on the actual content, Massand founded Litera to address these issues. "Today thousands of people in scores of organizations in various countries use our software on a daily basis to improve quality, accuracy, and timeliness of their documents," declares Paul Domnick, President, Litera.

In today's integrated economy, documents are the carriers of an organization's brand message. This demands documents clearly reflect the corporate ethos of its creators and communicate the most pertinent corporate intellectual property efficiently with the intended recipients. Moreover, their exchange
must be secure owing to the confidential content they carry. "Our solutions address these concerns while making everyone productive and compliant with organizational controls,"says Domnick.

Litera products target every point of document life cycle which gives clients the power to generate high quality documents every time. Available as stand alone solutions, the products can be integrated together to add more value when purchased in bundles. "Our products, innova and Content Hub, streamline document creation by managing templates, styles, numbering, and delivering relevant and best content of an organization that makes the most difference,"informs Domnick. Litera Lex Pro allows professionals to know if their definitions are being used correctly,and if their cross references are working properly. In the event of any discrepancy, it lets them fix the problems immediately. He adds, "Our metadata removal products ensure that hidden meta data does not leak from organizations."

Another product, Litera IRM ensures that intended users can only use documents, even after the documents have left the controls of a client. Litera Secure File Transfer securely delivers documents to intended recipients, regardless of the file size.Change Pro is Litera's document comparison solution available for Word documents, Power Point presentations, Excel spread sheets and PDF files. "Our file sharing products Litera SYNC and Litera EKTA allow secure file
sharing into and out of the enterprise without any loss of control," adds Domnick. Litera EKTA bridges between cloud file storage and internal repositories to give a single project view and complete tracking of how files are being used. "Litera IDS provides a collaborative editing environment within Microsoft Word that tracks changes and gives a complete audit trail of how they were approved across multiple versions of a document," states Domnick.

Today mobile and cloud usage has become main stream, making documents omnipresent. People need the ability to work anywhere just as effectively and securely as they can at their desks."Litera Any where brings our solutions to any device any where," says Domnick.It delivers document creation, control and collaboration tools that work on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone, regardless of the operating environment.

Litera's ability to focus at such a granular level can be credited to its 15 years of experience in the market and a culture of maintaining close relationship with clients. Domnick says the company has a customer retention rate of over 99 percent and that this gives Litera insights into what the market seeks."We have only scratched the surface of what is possible, and new technologies are constantly emerging, bringing new possibilities about how we can make every document better," concludes Domnick.