LikeMinds Consulting: Bringing Innovation to Data Security

Ramnath Krishnamurthi, Founder and CEO

It was in 2005 when Ramnath Krishnamurthi, with years of experience in technology consultancy, embarked on a journey to simplify the complexity attached to delivering and managing identity management platforms. “For any organization that is based on business to consumer model, their biggest challenge is how to protect customer data,” points out Krishnamurthi. Organizations spend an enormous amount of money to buy commercially off the shelf products; however, they require in-house expertise to implement these products to provide security to the customers. If they do not have in house talent, then the need arises to hire IT professionals for the job. Hence, the process results in wasted resources and increased cost. On the other hand, just the implementation of security products is not enough, as the organizations have to deliver the best identity protection along with the ease of use to their customers. So, how do organizations enable customers to securely use the products without affecting the customer experience? To address these challenges, Krishnamurthi founded LikeMinds Consulting with a vision of bringing innovation to data security and help organizations to deliver the best value to their customers. The firm provides consulting, systems integration, and managed services and focuses on identity management, application security, governance, risk, and compliance solutions.

Since identity and access management has become complex as digital identities have taken on an increasingly important role in stipulating how users interact with computer networks, businesses need to manage users efficiently and accurately. However, most of the businesses fail to store and use identity information in only one place, resulting in the abundance of directory services and application-specific identity stores while increasing costs and causing complicated security issues. To solve the issue, LikeMinds provides Complete Identity and Access Management (CIAM) model that helps businesses develop a consistent and competent identity and access management strategy.

LikeMinds Consulting was founded with a vision of bringing innovation to data security and help organizations to deliver the best value to their customers

CIAM is based on the FBC concept (faster, better, and cost-effective). Before building the model for the client, the firm’s consultants try to understand their vision, what their line of business is, and what are they trying to achieve. Afterward, LikeMinds consultants do a whiteboard session with the clients identifying their strategic roadmap. “We advise them, and then we do the design, implementation, testing, and delivery of the model. And not only that, but we also educate them,” states Ramnath Krishnamurthi, founder and CEO, LikeMinds Consulting. LikeMinds’ consultants have a sound understanding of the approaches and technologies involved in Identity and access management products, which includes Ping Identity Suite, PlainID, SailPoint, RadiantLogic , Oracle Identity and Access Management, and more.

In addition to CIAM, LikeMinds provides Managed Services that enable clients to put resource-intensive IT operations under the management of experienced specialists so they can optimize existing resources and focus on strategic IT projects. The company delivers Managed Services under strict service-level agreements (SLAs) along with steady expertise and value through the integration of on-call assistance, remote support, and remote monitoring. Besides, the other vital advantages include enhanced operational efficiency, lower costs, operational reports, and reduced downtime.

LikeMinds also helps businesses in deploying mobile solutions to mitigate security risks. Deployment of mobile solutions has become a necessity nowadays because the omnipresence of smartphones and mobile devices in the workplace has not only presented businesses with an opportunity to boost the productivity but also introduced them to new security risks. To address this, businesses need to deploy mobile solutions more securely and enable Single Sign-On (SSO) with appropriate access controls. “We have proficiency in deploying mobile solutions from Ping Identity, Airwatch, and MobileIron. In addition to the Mobile Device Management solution, we have built-in mobile SSO solutions for Oracle EBS, Oracle Business Intelligence,” mentions Krishnamurthi.

Besides, LikeMinds offers its clients with a set of options for securely managing a scalable Identity and Access Management infrastructure in the cloud with the marketing leading IDaaS solution provider. It also provides integrations with all of the leading Cloud and SaaS application providers. Now a lot of infrastructures run either in AWS or Azure and in that scenario security gets affected. So to make things secure, LikeMinds continuously monitors who is standing into the client’s cloud infrastructure, whether they have the right access or not. “These are the services we offer when you have customer data in the cloud or when you move your infrastructure from on-premise to cloud. Our whole business is around data security,” mentions Krishnamurthi.

LikeMinds has served various clients across several industries, such as education, electronics, travel, networking, and several more. One such client is a city government that serves as the link between the city population and their municipal government. The city government had the legacy system, which they had been using since 2005. So the problem that the client faced was giving secure access to its entire department, like public schools, hospitals, and the court as well as defining its boundaries. The city government wanted to deploy security products and reached out to a lot of vendors and system integrators, and selected LikeMinds. “They were facing three unique problems but were trying to solve it with one solution. We changed the entire legacy identity management system with three different products and streamlined the process. We also rolled out what is it called the multi-factor authentication,” says Krishnamurthi.

Being in the business for the last 14 years, LikeMinds intends to continue to provide solutions and grow in the industry based on the relationships, and the trust garnered through its experience and hard work. Besides, the firm is also planning to build a product and is getting into artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots to monitor its client’s environment effectively. “So, in the next eight months, LikeMinds is transitioning from a pure professional services company into more of a product based company offering disruptive software in the security industry,” concludes Krishnamurthi.