Law Office of Abhisha Parikh: A Catalyst for Change

Abhisha Parikh, Founder, Law Office of Abhisha Parikh

Entrepreneurship stories springing from personal experiences are the most inspirational. So is the story of Abhisha Parikh, an experienced and passionate immigration attorney specializing in family-based and employment-based immigration matters. Being a firstgeneration immigrant and watching her family go through the process, she realized the emotional and legal challenges mired in the immigration procedures. This personal exposure to the complexities of immigration laws and their impact on the people’s well-being spurred the ardour to bring a change in society by reforming immigration law practices.

Dedicated to serving people, Abhisha embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and founded Law Office of Abhisha Parikh. The aim was not just to offer legal assistance but deliver the right emotional support that the clients need. Her zeal to support the immigrants and fight for their rights to reside in the US overruled the severe societal challenges she faced while setting up her venture. Today, Abhisha, at the helm of Law Office of Abhisha Parikh is a leading and creative attorney, driving her firm towards addressing every plausible immigration issue across the US ensuring excellent client satisfaction.
“It’s important that attorneys step out of the role of a representative or an advocate, and be a voice for immigration reform by humanizing the process and also act as educators with their experience and accreditation,” remarks Abhisha.

Law Office of Abhisha Parikh covers major legal practice areas, including marriage-based green cards, employment-based green cards, family visas, citizenship and naturalization, asylum, domestic violence, and many more. What makes them stand out is their approach of prioritizing the client’s interest, understanding the sensitivity of each case, and treating the clients as more than mere names on papers. The firm engages with its clients on a deeper level, assesses their concerns thoroughly, and offers personalized services to meet their requirements with a good turnaround time. The Law Office of Abhisha Parikh is able to represent clients in all 50 states through the firm’s virtual services.

Law Office of Abhisha Parikh follows a simple onboarding process to ease the processes for clients and build a robust relationship with them. At the outset, the firm provides a questionnaire to the clients for the initial consultation, understands their goals, and the probable hurdles in the case. On collecting adequate background information, they walk the clients through the firm’s representation processes. Throughout the attorney-client relationship, Law Office of Abhisha Parikh proactively updates and notifies clients regarding any changes in cases or processes, assisting them in adjusting their goals accordingly. The firm also maintains transparency regarding its fees.

Highlighting Law Office of Abhisha Parikh’s proficiency in solving complex cases are two clients who had applied for EB1 green cards.
Despite similarities, only one of the applications was approved. The team deployed a different approach that goes over and above the USCIS-outlined basic requirements to meet the EB1 criteria. “Instead of the applicant’s resume and accreditation, we emphasized on the significant impact of his research in the specific medical field,” explains Abhisha. They also included some of his research paper studies, findings, and their contribution to the future of medical studies. And with this, the case was approved.

Currently, Law Office of Abhisha Parikh is creating a marketing initiative to leverage the power of social media and reach out effectively to the masses through digital platforms. Infact, the marketing efforts have helped Abhisha to enhance her role as an educator and spread knowledge of the prevailing scenario within the immigration realm.

Giving a glimpse of their roadmap, Abhisha mentions her keenness to create a network forum for the immigrants, providing them with a space to share their stories. Besides, she is enthusiastic about hosting multiple events, such as citizenship day, that can facilitate naturalization processes for underprivileged communities. The company also aims to focus on domestic abuse victims’ programs, especially people on temporary visas, H4, and F2, who have limited rights and cannot afford legal help. Abhisha is dedicated to creating and expanding the network with other colleagues to help survivors reach out to the attorneys and avail the required assistance.

“I am looking forward to creating a strong brand identity for my firm and bring in valuable immigration reforms,” concludes Abhisha.