Izel Technologies, Inc.: Your dependable Product Engineering Services Partner for Managing Containerized Applications

Sachin Bhurke, Founder of Izel Technologies and VP of Business Development and Alliances at Catalogic Software

Since 2007, IzelTech has been committed to helping OEM’s and ISV’s in the Data protection and Application migration & orchestration space, build their products in a collaborative way by creating the necessary environment and domain expertise to deliver their products successfully and always on time. In doing so, IzelTech has ensured a substantial reduction in the Time to Market with reduced risk of failure and improved overall quality. Founded and led by Sachin Bhurke, an expert in Cloud Data Management, Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI), Kubernetes ‘Application and Workload’ Management, Microservices and Multi-Cloud App Orchestration space, the company has constantly evolved over the last decade, staying at par with the industry. They forayed and built expertise in Application Cloning/Migration, Replication, Disaster Recovery, Copy Data Management, Archival and E-Discovery, Edge computing, Hybrid Cloud workload management, ‘Application refactoring, containerization, orchestration, K8s management’.

IzelTech’s diverse skill set even led them to work in liaison with tech moguls, such as AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, VMware and MS Azure, to help businesses integrate product environments with these platforms creating a perfect environment for Enterprises to migrate and orchestrate Applications faster and at scale. In fact, their clientele encompassed several startups and big names in the industry—such as Aerospike, Nutanix, SeaMicro (AMD), Riverbed, ZeroStack (Lenovo), Rubrik, CloudVelox (VMware), Pavilion Data Systems and many others.
What made IzelTech unique was its ability to integrate the best of Waterfall models and Agile/Scrum methodology in their projects that ensured performance enhancement, cost reduction, and better ROI for their clients in their cloud computing, virtualization, storage, and networking domains investment. Their success in the industry also stems from the company’s team that believed in collaboration and innovation. Combining such capabilities with Mr. Bhurke’s skill in building overseas software engineering teams, finding new customers, and nurturing existing relationships has helped IzelTech to touch several heights in the last 13 years.

Kubenetes in the new Linux in our lives. It is exciting to see the rate at which Kubernetes (as a container management platform) is maturing and Enterprises should embrace the adoption sooner than later. It is time to move on from the previous generation monolithic architecture to the modern microservices architecture and there are a bunch of reliable solutions available for you out there, be it for on-premises, hybrid or in Public Cloud environments

The success has led to the planned acquisition of Izel Technologies by Catalogic Software, a Data Protection, Copy Data Management, and Kubernetes Backup solutions provider.

“Many enterprises are now moving away from a single large Kubernetes Cluster to have many smaller clusters-pods to limit the blast radius and also clusters for varied use cases. Managing multiple clusters, multiple cloud environments while providing effective data protection and security for all containerized apps with the least management overhead is the key to success going forward” says Bhurke, who was recently appointed as the VP of Business Development and Alliances with Catalogic Software.
Amongst the most recent turnkey projects taken up and delivered by IzelTech team includes building a PaaS platform for an ISV customer, a leader in Kubernetes Data protection/Backup, DR and management space. As part of the project IzelTech team is building the platform that helps enterprises efficiently handle K8s data management challenges to seamlessly run applications on any Kubernetes platform including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Red Hat OpenShift, and VMware Tanzu. As the platform is fully multicloud (and hybrid) based, enterprises will not need to entirely overhaul their existing infrastructure to consume the platform.

“The current EKS/AKS/GKE K8s solutions provide either flexibility or ease of use but fail to provide both. They do make K8s lifecycle management easier to a great extent however at the cost of cloud/vendor lock-in. There are a few customized and prepackaged K8s management and data protection solutions out there and they do a reasonably good job in enterprise support but sometimes it’s a time-consuming process- takes months to deploy and update the configurations. Flexible is an issue, and the stack isn’t recipe based and hence not easily tweakable. A few of the K8s management platforms bring in the compatibility factor but end up compromising on the scalability factor”.

When asked about prediction for K8s and containerization journey for 2021, Mr.Bhurke said “ App modernization is a must have and in 2021 we see Kubernetes adoptions continue to pick up and advance (Tier-1 Application) use cases will start to emerge. Eg. How to effectively run Kubernetes on the edge locations, establishing micro-datacentres’, running Kubernetes on BareMetal hardware etc.

“Our investment in R&D is consistently high, so the products which we are working on are cutting edge, we stay abreast with the latest trends and relevant to the new emerging DevOps tools and related technologies. We try and understand the end user market including their critical needs and demands of the market. This allows us to align ourselves with the changing market dynamics,” Bhurke concludes.