IoTOnDemand: Bringing IoT to Mainstream

Harpal Singh, Founder & CEO

With a massive potential to explore in the days to come, IoT technology is relatively a newer and nescient market for the modern corporate universe. However, companies today are significantly growing more cognizant and interested in the dynamics of this technology. As observed, there is a wide-spread surge in IoT application in the day to day appliances and devices in the past few years. This has made it one of the core verticals to garner the attention of mainstream manufacturing and technology firms. Growing along this market transformation is IoTOnDemand, an IoT solution provider offering total turnkey solutions built for modern electric & electronic device manufacturers/OEMs. Harpal Singh, CEO of IoTOnDemand says, “IoTOnDemand not only helps its customers in increasing their stock valuation but also assures profit with a fixed low price IoT solution.”

The genesis

Started as an independent venture of Harpal Singh, the company was a result of a patented technology developed by Singh to deal with one of the practical issues that he faced with his home sprinkler system. “One of the sprinkler zones in my home was defective. I only happened to notice it after my grass had turned brown, and it was too late. I was oblivious to the fact that that it had an open circuit and the value of the electrical current was through the roof.” Following this, Singh developed an IoT technology program for the sprinkler to detect and report such issues directly to the user. Driven by innovation and profound experience as an IT professional and expert in IoT technology, Singh established IoTOnDemand intending to bring more feasible, affordable & practical IoT Cloud Platform in the market. “We have two patents approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We are offer Non-Exclusive usability Licenses of these patent license to our clients,” adds Singh.
With excellent customer experience as the central core of the business, IoTOnDemand develops products using emerging, state-of-the-art technology, thus providing a modular and scalable product.

IoTOnDemand not only helps its customers in increasing their stock valuation but also assures profit with a fixed low price IoT solution

An Exceptional IoT Cloud Platform

The IoTOnDemand’s smart electronic device management system cloud platform is a one-stop solution for all OEMs making them IoT enabled at a fixed price of $3000 per month. The company’s IoT solution is modular and delivered in five vital components including Networking IoT Hardware, IoT Device Firmware Operating System, Hadoop BigData Cloud Platform, User Interface, and Patent no. 15/293, 381 and Patent No 15/356,244. With the first component of IoT is the networking IoT hardware which is an FCC/ UL certified is a low power usage chip that is integrated with around 100 different sensors. Through this component, the company offers its clients with full-fledged blueprints of the hardware to ensure transparency, clarity & convenience. The IoT Device Firmware Operating system is the second component provided by the IoTOnDemand which is installed on the Networking IoT Hardware. Through this component, custom firmware is written with multiple custom features such as OTA, Wi-Fi provisioning, User Access & Customer Ticketing System added to IoT Device Firmware Operating System. IoTOnDemand also offers a Hadoop BigData Cloud platform which is capable of handling millions of devices and millions of users at one fixed cost. Providing its client with flexibility to rebrand the product to their advantage, IoTOnDemand offers them with a User Interface (UI) across Apple iOS, Android or API (Application Programming Interface) or Web Services with free upgrades, customization, modifications, and redesign.

Along with a built-in reporting and IoT device notification, IoTOnDemand’s hardware & UI seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home Pod.
Licensed with approved USA Patent No 15/292,381 and Patent No 15/356,244, IoTOnDemand offers a smart electronic device management system that is utilized to manage and control electronic devices. The device includes a housing structure that may be mounted to a surface such as a wall. A video capture device provides a live video feed of the surrounding areas while at least one environmental sensor allows monitoring of conditions in the surrounding areas. A wireless communication module allows the device to be associated with an external computing device. Various electronic devices may be connected to the device through a plurality of electrical outlets on the housing structure. A control unit allows the device to monitor and manage electronic devices that are wirelessly connected to the device or connected through multiple other electrical outlets. The control unit is configured to calculate a sprinkler schedule using data retrieved through the wireless communication module. “This approved patent license, not only secures the manufacturer’s intellectual property but also saves them the hassle of obtaining their own patents,” Adds Singh.

Providing greater transparency around the product, its uses as well as the customers using it, IoTOnDemand brings a wide variety of applications and license benefits to its clients who engage with its system. Singh states, “Once you sign up with us, the process to go live only takes 90 days where we take the entire responsibility of security, convenience, better management of operations & peace of mind.”

In the future, IoTOnDemand envisions expanding its footprint in the IoT ecosystem and growing leaps and bounds with a 100 percent increase in its customer base in the next one year. Developing its product based on a cloud framework, the company has created a plethora of frameworks in its diverse range of products. With a set of new frameworks in development, the company plans to incorporate AI and machine learning and other technological crossovers to develop a more diverse range of product portfolio. “We also plan to give our IoT solutions free of cost to nonprofits, hospitals and universities,” concludes Singh.