iorad: Helping Companies Navigate Their Knowledge Loop

Sundeep Patel, Founder and CEO

Over the past 20 years, Sundeep Patel has been hard at work forging his path in the ever-changing world of eLearning. During that time, he’s played a pivotal role in helping organizations all over the globe develop and apply innovative training solutions that streamline learning and development. But his story goes far beyond that of just another cog in the corporate wheel.

Throughout his career, Patel began to uncover an idea that lived deep within him. One that would transform from a scrappy eLearning tool into iorad, the application of choice for over 10 million Creators and Learners worldwide. When asked how a biology major with zero technical skills built a technology company—Patel answers, “Lessons from my father.”

When Patel’s parents emigrated from India in the late ’60s, they brought with them next to nothing. It was reminiscent of those stories you hear where someone shows up in a foreign land with no plan and only $5 in their pocket. While they didn’t have supporting finances, they did have something much more valuable. Something Patel calls a “permissionless mentality.” Picture this; your car broke down on the side of the road. You now have two options.

At iorad, we know trying to explain something can be really hard and thus we capture everything clients do inside the capture frame and magically breaks it down into step-by-step instructions

Sit there waiting and ask passersby for help, or get out and push it yourself. Patel’s father didn’t wait around for use; he moved forward through life with a will to figure it out. The unintended consequence of this approach is that people are more willing to help when they see someone taking action on their own. This quickly led his father to build a small but powerful network of like-minded immigrants, all of whom shared this permissionless mentality. They didn’t waste time asking “Can I” or “Should I”. They knew their future would be molded by no hands other than their own.

Patel’s father started his career at the country’s leading diagnostic lab and quickly rose through the ranks to become a hiring manager. He predominantly hired his fellow immigrants. They had neither the experience nor the education requirements for the job, but what they did have was that willingness to get out and push their car. Patel’s father believed in that type of mentality and gave hundreds of immigrants who shared it their chance to live the American dream.

As a child, Patel quickly became attached to this permissionless mentality. In his early life, he would wander wherever his curiosity led him. Often that led him into areas where he had no business, but he never let that stop him.
He would always press forward and figure it out on the fly. “Having a biology degree, if I waited for permission to try something new that I had no training or experience in, I would probably be miserable working in a lab somewhere.”

Thanks to that mentality, Patel was able to turn a simple idea involving screenshots and organizational application knowledge into iorad, an innovative solution that enables people to create and share step-by-step tutorials for any desktop or web application in a matter of minutes. Today, iorad helps thousands of organizations navigate the Knowledge Loop by streamlining how they Capture, Share, and Learn at scale. “At iorad, we know it can be hard to explain things online, that’s why our tool captures everything for you automatically then creates step-by-step instructions that you can share in an instant,” says Patel, CEO of iorad. Their use of cloud technology also enables users to copy, share, link, or embed tutorials all across the web. A key point that helps enterprise applications spread adoption throughout an organization.

Though they have already carved out a place in the market, Patel and his team continue to invest considerable time into their technology. This includes the addition of new technology partnerships, which can be added to a long list of platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, Lessonly, Workramp, and more. Over the next 18 months, iorad will also be adding more features to its platform, such as gamification. “We know that knowledge is a key factor to success, that’s why our goal is and always will be to help everyone around the world Capture, Share, and Learn more effectively,” concludes Patel.