Intech Systems: Digital Transformation Strategist for Small and Medium Businesses

Anuja Parikh, CEO

Today, technology continues to significantly transform the way all businesses operate. Because of technology most of the organizations have succeeded in bestowing their customers with several benefits such as personalized service, instant access to information across platforms, custom-tailored products and services along with quicker delivery times. These benefits are the results of the digital transformation underway across organizations. One such company that is advancing down the path of digital transformation and rendering assistance to organizations in expanding their businesses is Intech Systems. “We assist companies in their digital transformation cycle by helping them take advantage of various digital technologies to reach untapped markets and underserved segment of customers while competing better with more efficient systems,” explains Anuja Parikh, CEO of Intech Systems.

Anuja further adds, “It is no longer necessary to be a large company having a CIO and a large IT department to take advantage of some of the latest technology. Thanks to the virtualization and cloud-based technologies, small and medium businesses can effectively get some of the same technologies at affordable costs and continue to be nimble and technology savvy to compete with their larger Fortune 500 type competitors.”

Armed with an MBA and MS in IT, plus 8 years of Silicon Valley experience, Anuja has been steering the organization for the past nine years. Anuja is a strong proponent of women empowerment and believes in supporting women to pursue their ambitions, not only in the technology space but whatever makes them happy. Being a role model for women in IT, Anuja guides her teams at Intech in constantly changing environments that require leadership skills and an in-depth knowledge of technology.

She leads the overall business operations at Intech—a Microsoft Dynamics partner—to enable the digital transformation that empowers employees, engages customers, optimizes operations, and transforms products. Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other supporting technologies available on Azure cloud, Intech develops solutions to serve industry verticals such as manufacturing, service, and distribution and retail.
Intech does not believe in a one size fits all approach to technology. As a case in point, within the manufacturing domain Intech has developed intellectual property for micro-verticals like flexible packaging and metallurgical casting manufacturing to meet customer specific requirements. This has got resounding success and global deployments in multiple locations of mid-size businesses.

We assist companies in their digital transformation cycle by helping them take advantage of several digital technologies to reach untapped markets while competing better with more efficient systems

Employing the Best of Microsoft Services

Intech invests in learning and research and development initiatives focused on new technologies. For instance, applying the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), Intech has researched how bots can help companies reduce their customer service costs by quickly referring to the knowledge base and recommending solutions to them. Similarly, using the internet of things (IoT), the firm has designed devices that connect to machines in factories, enabling preventive maintenance and remote monitoring along with measuring factory and machine level key performance indicators. Further, Intech integrates this machine data with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems thus automating heaps of manual data and convert into business intelligence for reporting and tracking.

The company employs another Microsoft Service, PowerBI, which is a powerful analytics and visualization tool, allowing end users to visualize real-time data as well as create and analyze data patterns and reports for generating more actionable insights.

Being a Microsoft Gold Level Partner, Intech’s performance is evaluated every year based on its certified resources, implementation methodology, customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and investment in building solutions. The Microsoft partner aspires to maintain this competency every year and is also a part of ‘five percent of Microsoft Partners club worldwide.’

Building Long-term Partnerships

Intech considers itself not just an implementation partner but also as technology advisors for its clients.
Today, the company has more than 100 customers and maintains over 90 percent retention rates with a year-over-year growth rate of above 30 percent. It is the customers that confer Intech with referrals and repeat business. This is a testament to Intech’s capabilities in training its employees, supporting customers, and selling its products. “Customer service and consistent quality of our work product are two parameters we take very seriously at Intech. We view our customers as partners and believe in working with them with a mindset of a long-term partnership,” mentions Anuja.

A determined focus on customer service along with its knowledge and experience is what differentiates Intech from its competitors. Every customer has unique challenges and Intech always strives to convert each challenge into an opportunity. Initially the company’s focus was Indian market. When Intech received a request from a North American company to upgrade its ERP system, it readily took up the challenging work. Since Anuja had experience working in the U.S. and knowing how international companies operate and what they expect, she was confident about taking up this work. She facilitated in upskilling resources in better communication and project management skills which is a crucial part of delivery in offshore projects. Along with that Intech’s core methodology and technical expertise helped ensure successful project completion. This experience proved beneficial for Intech in establishing its international business across the U.S and in other countries. Intech aims to be recognized as a leader in delivering Microsoft services around the world and intends to be the technology champion in transforming small and medium businesses.

With regard to their roadmap, Anuja does not believe in long-term business planning. As the rate of growth and innovation are non-linear, organizations often fail to predict the products and technology trends that would dominate the market in the next five years. “Although we have detailed 1-2 year plans, I don’t believe in planning that far out. The wisdom is in driving change when we are seeing phenomenal growth in the cloud, analytics, and IoT space and meet these changing needs with a flexible and constantly trained technology team,” expresses Anuja.

Intech anticipates upgrading its product portfolio leveraging its readymade independent software vendor (ISV) solutions on Microsoft Dynamics. Moreover, the company envisions expanding its solutions to data analytics as well as IoT and it has already started investing in this direction.