InSemi: VLSI Experts Revolutionizing Chip Development

Shreekanth Sampigethaya, President

The world is currently witnessing the fourth industrial revolution that will redefine the way organizations function in the coming decades. Technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are changing the face of manufacturing, and technological innovations are paving the way for smart factories of the future. While industry 4.0 is disrupting the rules of traditional manufacturing and setting new standards, advancements in the semiconductor industry is the true enabler of this transformation.

As the pandemic-induced lockdown accelerated the growth of the digital economy, the semiconductor industry worldwide saw an unprecedented demand during the COVID crisis. As a result, semiconductor design service organizations are revamping their services and solutions portfolio to serve their customers better. Bangalore-based InSemi is one such organization that has put in place a new business paradigm to deliver cutting-edge hi-tech innovations and provide customers with exceptionally qualified engineers to make sure their esteemed customers are successful. With a collective management experience of more than 200 years in the semiconductor sector and multiple acquisitions last year, InSemi is revolutionizing the semiconductor industry with its versatile services and customer-centric approach.

Founded in 2013, InSemi’s focus has been on technologies that form fundamental building blocks of IC Design and end-to-end product development in various IoT segments like Industry 4.0 and Automotive. Working alongside technology partners, InSemi develops custom-built products and solutions to meet the exclusive needs of their customers.

We help clients to innovate, integrate and accelerate their whole process. Their investment is minimal, and we offer comprehensive support throughout the product development cycle

Under semiconductor design, InSemi offers services in all domains of Chip design, namely RTL design, Emulation, Design Verification, Physical Design, and Post Silicon Validation. CAD Methodology, Foundation IP Design, and layout are other areas of focus for InSemi. Additionally, the company also offers Embedded System

Design services to cover end-to-end product development constituting product design and architecture, board design and layout, the product brings up and validation, mechanical assembly, and manufacturing support.

Within a short span of time, InSemi built the recognition of an innovation partner in embedded systems as a reliable supplier with the capability of end-to-end product development and a competent partner for the R&D teams. Starting from concept to product realization based verified by multiple prototypes is made feasible with a strong network of partners in electronic manufacturing. InSemi houses a software team to ensure the product development is complete with cloud connectivity, data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

InSemi is a trusted partner for almost all Tier-1 and Tier-2 Semiconductor industry leaders driving innovation in the above-mentioned areas. Shreekanth Sampigethaya, President of InSemi, adds, “We do whatever it takes to ensure customer success. We have a very long history with most of our customers as they keep coming back to us because of our focus on quality and business flexibility. We help organizations to improve their development cycles and minimize resource costs.”
InSemi’s modes of business include Resource Augmentation, where it deploys talented engineers to meet and exceed customer requirements and project goals. With an experienced talent pool of engineers across domains and technologies, InSemi enables the customers to streamline their operations to achieve business goals cost-effectively. Clients can also outsource their operations and utilize the Offshore Development Centre (ODC) services that the company offers, enabling them to exercise control over projects without significant infrastructure investments. Additionally, customers can use the ‘Turnkey model’ where InSemi’s teams take up a portion of the development work, enabling clients to build their products simultaneously. Companies obtain optimum results by employing the cost-effective engagement models and resources offered by Insemi.

One such customer—an AI-based company— approached InSemi while looking for a reliable system designer. The client was looking at building a broad range of IoT solutions. However, they did not have the expertise in building the backend. The customer then approached InSemi and provided the specifications of the components. InSemi designed and manufactured the components, enabling the client to focus on the end product offering. InSemi offered complete hardware design and software development of the components delivered. Shreekanth added, “We help clients to innovate, integrate and accelerate their whole process. Their investment is minimal, and we offer comprehensive support throughout the product development cycle.”

Having a solid base in India and the U.S., InSemi is currently expanding its operations to the Asia Pacific. The company is also focusing on growth faced by new-age solution providers under mechatronics, robotics, and IoT and collaborating with them to develop innovative solutions. In addition to being a leader in the VLSI & Embedded design domain, InSemi has earned a reputation as a customer-centric brand. With success in its expansion plans, the company will soon become a prominent name in the APAC region.