Innowhyte Applied-Innovation for Seamless Digital Transformation

Mahesh Alampalli, Founder and CEO

Innovation is born out of a need; delving into why that need exists paves the way for newer and better-designed solutions that solve a problem currently hampering an operation or even expected to in the future. Mahesh Alampalli, a veteran technologist and C-suite executive with 25years of experience, is one among a handful of individuals pursuing the ‘why’ of innovation and how its findings can support digital transformation across the globe. “We firmly believe in our mantra -Inquisition precedes Innovation. Finding out why we innovate will guide us in overcoming challenges and solutions faster,” he adds. And, because Alampalli raised the right questions, his startup, Innowhyte, is quickly gaining momentum in the IT services landscape through its unique applied-innovation methodologies around cloud, data and edge computing. The company offers comprehensive transformational IT services that integrates business-driven goals and technology-induced capabilities.

Since its inception last year, the company has been incrementally acquiring new talents, skilled in leveraging various technologies and catering to clients from different parts of the world. Innowhyte’s applied-innovation approach allows Alampalli and his team to offer truly end-to-end services that address an organization’s digital transformation and engineering challenges. “Innovation at the peripheral is easy. But doing so at the core, mission-critical systems of an enterpirse is exponentially hard.

Innovation at the peripheral is easy. But doing so at the core, mission-critical systems is exponentially hard. Our approach Pattern-Oriented Innovation is designed to expedite the process

The goal is to always put ourselves into the client’s shoes and run the entire gamut of digitalization: all the way from architecting and implementation through to incremental rollout” expresses Alampalli. Innowhyte keenly understands that large enterprises operate highly complex processes with multiple interconnections. “As innovations go beyond peripheral adoption to mainstream across the enterprise, those processes need to be dramatically altered. We prepare a blueprint template to capture such technical inflection points and dependencies”.

Innowhyte leverages an intuitive method of identifying and using patterns in business operations, powered by experiential knowledge, to fuel the inventiveness of its offerings.

Alampalli explains that though the business contextsmay differ and technologies evolve, many of the underpinning solutions are recurring in nature. “We call our unique approach as Pattern-Oriented Innovation. It’s based on our belief that stripped to the basics, the core problems are similar. Codifying these as patterns expedites innovation”.Under the banner of pattern-oriented innovation, Innowhyte’s user experience, design thinking, and prototyping functions stand as strong pillars for any organization seeking to implement new technologies conveniently and cost-effectively. The company’s digital trifecta of lean, scaled-agile, and DevOps services pose as the foundational structures to further bolster a client’s digital transformation journey.
With action-ready services for legacy modernization, Innowhyte focuses on simplifying the transition experience for its clients while ensuring minimal downtime.

The collective subject matter expertise of the company’s staff on multi-cloud architecture and edge computing has helped position Innowhyte as a truly disruptive technology services provider in today’s digital-first marketplace. “We are pretty big on edge networks and internet of things (IoT),” expresses Alampalli.

To best elucidate the company’s transformative IT capabilities, Alampalli shares the case study of an enterprise client that was employing legacy systems and wanted to modernize its IT infrastructure. Innowhyte’s digital trifecta list of services excelled in driving results for the client. Here, lean thinking helped piece together a strategy for this massive transformation project, agile methods ensured to keep the process quick, and DevOps solidified the implementation of new products and solutions. The client’s entire EA was transformed, and Innowhyte delivered on its promise of complete customer satisfaction.

With such skilful traits housed within it, Innowhyte is set to rebrand how IT services address digital transformation today. The company intends to focus on mulit-cloud, edge networks and large-scale DevOps capabilities while strengthening its product design and engineering competencies. Alampalli understands that automation will remain the next big thing for the foreseeable future and plans on aligning Innowhyte’s services for the same, coupling it with product engineering for a new breed of IT services.