Innovative Research Services: Ensures Status Quo and Eminence for Every Business

Shakti Patnaik, Founder & CEO &

Sailaja S.P, Co-Founder & COO

The economy being more and more competitive with each passing day, the magnitude of having expedient knowledge about the concerns and preferences of customers has become an integral part of any business. Whether a business is in the stage of commencing or in expansion phase, it is imperative for them to stay tuned to the changing market trends in order to have a competitive edge over others. For an organization to succeed & survive, Market Research is considered to be a vital organ for understanding the critical characteristics of the targeted market. Noticing that the Market Research is an important tool for every player involved in either small or big corporate needs to keep themselves updated with the market changing trends, many companies have ushered in the respective space to help the businesses gain a suite of solutions for developing business process, investigating competitors and getting satisfied customers,thus enhancing their profitability.

Quality Vision, Excellent Service

One such company in the Market Research Consulting space is Innovative Research Services (India) Pvt.Ltd. The journey of Innovative Research Services began in 2003 by ShaktiPatnaik,who did not have formal background in the field of business. Coming from a service oriented profile, he always had the passion to create an organization
that transforms his passion into reality. Finding market research as a growing subject that not only helps a brand in determining its status quo but also can change its destiny, he decided to start Innovative Market Research. Speaking on this, Shakti says,“I serve today is the outcome of this philosophy. When we started our main challenge was to survive, hence decided on marketing thumb rule of 1000 days to survive first. So with a small team from different arena, we decided to come up with our own market research agency that delivers the work that suits consumer companies directly.”

Headquartered in Mumbai with offices located in other cities, Iserve endeavours to develop its business into an MNC and ensure global presence

Started off with its own operational team, Iserve got its first project ‘Retail Census’ of P & G group within two-three months of its existence. Getting the huge project at the first place helped the company in gaining confidence and since then there was no looking back for Iserve. Believing that the importance of Market Research can be best perceived by understanding the various factors that impacts an organisation’s business,Iserve offers Quantitative’ research methodologies, the company sights to identify the client’s problem & tries to give them the required solutions.“We serve as a One-stop shop whereby we offer services based on the qualitative & its wide range of Market Research services broadly in four key areas of research that includes Advertising, Social, Media & Rural. Through its services offering, it tries to determine the clients business based on logic and empirical observations. Categorising its services into‘Qualitative &
quantitative research methodologies. With the results obtained from valid research we assist to provide them with excellent solutions,”mentions Sailaja S.P, Co-Founder. Targeting the customers Iserve designs its questionnaire based on certain strategies that helps in getting the accurate results.Through the implementation of SPSS tool and six sigma it also seeks to handle large amount of data covered for gathering accurate results.

With the philosophy of meeting client expectations by delivering quality services on time,the company within a time span of 13+ years has been able to include large names in its client List. The clientele includes companies across different sectors like manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical,food,travel, advertising and communications. Some of the major clients are Godrej Consumers (GCPL),Kimberly Clark, Bajaj Auto Ltd., VVF Ltd, Worldwide Media, Cox & Kings, Marico Ltd. and others with international clients like Kawasaki Japan,Siemens-Germany and more. Claiming ‘On-Time delivery, Real time analysis & Final Delivery with a good quality’, Sailaja avers, “We conduct census and provide customised solutions with an effort to build rhythmic & repetitive clientele by ensuring eminence for every client, every brand.”

Headquartered in Mumbai with offices located in Delhi, Chennai and other cities, Iserve endeavours to develop its business into an MNC and ensure global presence. The company is likely to indulge into a partnership business by tying up with those companies who want to expand their operations in India. With the policy of ‘meeting clients expectations by delivering of quality services’,Iserve today has a team of 30 people on role and 300 stringers. Focusing on women employees and providing on-job training to its employees, Sailaja concludes,“Being a process driven organisation we want to have our global presence. We also want to list ourselves in NSE and be amongst the top 10 MR companies in India.”