Infostretch: Crafting Successful Enterprise Digital Stories

Rutesh Shah

CEO & Founder

The latest technology tsunami that has hit the industries has brought focus on end-to-end digitalization. Business leaders hope that massive budget allocations and workforce engagement will yield to successful digitization, enabling quantum leaps in performance. To have the right ingredients for digital advancement, companies approach transformation partners that at times fail to measure the digital fitness and readiness across the organization. Some of these abrupt initiatives lead to forcing digital transformations onto the company's existing processes, compromising on quality and increasing time to market. “While there are many digital professional service firms, they are Digital Immigrants. We are a Digital Native firm. Our goal is to get digital right for our customers, the first time,” proudly asserts Rutesh Shah, Founder and CEO, Infostretch.

Based out of California, the firm rectifies the discrepancies in digital adoption, by leveraging a proven combination of technology, processes, and expertise to help enterprises accelerate the execution of their digital strategy. With an entourage of industry specific specialists and digital technologists, Infostretch offers Digital Strategy, Digital Development, DevOps, Quality Engineering, Cloud, IoT, and mobility services. An extension of the agile software development approach, DevOps has emerged as a business necessity in digital enterprise to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape. This umbrella term encompasses continuous integration, continuous delivery, cloud infrastructure, test automation, and configuration management for delivering turnkey quality services at speed.
Today, Pre-built software framework and products are necessities of digital first solutions. Moreover, in an era where customer usage is unpredictable and erratic, scalable systems are the need of the hour. Shah adds, “Our QE & DevOps services can manage scalability, security and predictability with user experience.”

For companies still foggy on the digital aspect, Infostretch's digital journey framework defines the digital approach for their customers in five different dimensions. This involves building a multi-channel enabled solution, incorporating agility into the processes, cultivating an innovation-fostering mindset, delivering a quick proof-of-concept, and introducing smart capabilities through data analytics. Shah elaborates, “In the digital journey framework that we have created, we work with our customer to understand their business maturity level and then helping them migrate through this process seamlessly. Our customers have received ROI in early stages and they continue to be involved with us.” Being perceptive and employing a consultative approach, in an environment with omni-channel needs, Infostretch refrains from applying cookie-cutter methodology across the board, to deliver unique strategic services. Infostretch's framework's implementation strategy is based on the ‘I3’ methodology: Inspire-Innovate-Insights. Painting a picture of how Infostretch's offerings can satisfy their business needs, the company inspires their clients and works hand-in-hand to provide some innovative use cases. Collecting insights using the power of big data analytics and machine learning helps them re-align their solutions with the changing business objectives.

Due to their capabilities, Infostretch is well-placed with the industry leaders and regarded as the most prominent Platinum Services Partner of CloudBees. Actively contributing to the Jenkins com-munity, Shah extols, “Our open source QMetry Automation Framework has been adopted by digital community.”

We are a Digital Native firm. Our goal is to get digital right for our customers, the first time

Currently, they have their eyes set on the healthcare, high tech, retail, sports, and automobile industry having a diverse client-base and plenty of successful digital stories. Talking about two such success stories, Shah highlights, “Through our Test Automation and Development services, Infostretch has helped Peloton create a truly unique and exceptional indoor cycling studio experience for people to use in their own home. We put to use our digital framework to help Proteus Digital Health integrate the intake of medicine with ingestible sensors, wearable devices, mobile, and moreover accelerate time to market.”

Growing 30-40 percent annually, Infostretch is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. With 50-60 percent of their US clients having expansion plans in Europe, Infostretch has business not only in the U.S. but also in European market. Shah adds, “We have inaugurated a new office in the U.K. for entertaining the European market and we have been getting good traction. We are aiming for the Asia-Pacific region next year and aiming to step into the supply chain industry.” Already having two offices in India, in Ahmedabad and Pune, the company will be opening a new center in Bangalore next month. Shah describes, “We drink our own champagne that isto ensure our solutions are fully functional, by deploying them in Infostretch labs first, before delivering them to our clients. That's our recipe for getting digital right.”