Infolob: Destination: Cloud - The Journey

Dirgesh Patel , CEO

At what point does data stop being everyday jargon, and start becoming the lifeblood of every organization? The answer depends on the use of the right technology— one that is capable of providing data on tap without the limitations once set by hardware. It is in this vein that the concept of “cloud” became the conduit for the business world to collect and manage its precious data so it may be accessible on a whole new level. To this effect, Oracle is the preferred toolbox of choice—the “go to” for 21st-century enterprise cloud solutions. With its plethora of flexible platforms, Oracle renders one of the broadest and most complex ecosystems that can be tailored and implemented for its many practical applications. And while the solutions and its capabilities are a lot to handle, a partnership formed between Oracle and one of its most competent specialists, does spell simplicity to the enterprises of the world. This is Infolob. “Oracle will offer you a solution, and here at Infolob, we deliver those solutions from concept to implementation,” states Dirgesh Patel, the CEO of the company.

The Vision of Simplicity

Back in ’99, Vijay Cherukuri, an IT engineer and entrepreneur, arrived in the U.S. as a specialist working on several digital ERP implementation projects. What began as a career in technology, led to Cherukuri working with some of the most prestigious organizations in the world, notably Google, Oracle, Texas Instruments, Xerox, Fidelity, and Sabre Holdings to name a few. Throughout this career trajectory and with each client engagement that Cherukuri was a part of, he saw that there was a need for a trusted advisor to help clients navigate through the changes happening in the technology world. Predominantly, it was businesses migrating from legacy systems, to not just stay up-to-date, but to continue being competitive in their respective domains. This led Cherukuri to start a boutique consulting firm, with a core focus on producing high-quality database specialists in the world, the firm that would soon become Infolob.

Within three years, and with 100-plus database administrators on his payroll, Infolob partnered with Oracle and advanced to become one of their Top 20 Managed Platinum Partners in North America in 2013. Cherukuri’s vision today is realized, with Infolob providing innovative cloud solutions for the Oracle ecosystem. Infolob’s competency in understanding and reviewing the changing tides within the IT space is critical to dollars invested in their portfolio. That being said, the solution provider relies heavily on its analysts to showcase and predict the trends within IoT, blockchain, and AI to warrant their portfolio investments in the near future, and stay ahead of the curve.

The Fastest Solutions on Hand

The solution that Infolob offers—their primary differentiator—is their intellectual property (IP), specifically, what they call their accelerators. These are cases where Infolob has worked with other customers in similar industries and deployed services of the same kind.

With Infolob, clients are allowed to finish their minimum viable product (MVP), faster than with any other partner

“Our accelerators allow users to shorten their project duration significantly,” states Patel. The reason for this improvement in performance is that the accelerators come as a boilerplate solution, which the customers can install, to get a quick, accelerated pace right from the beginning.

Infolob’s clients never have to start from scratch. Clients get to use Infolob IP as the foundation layer to build the rest of their infrastructure on top of because the solution provider has analyzed all the industry standards and created accelerators for each. In healthcare particularly, Infolob’s services by default adhere to about 75-85 percent of HIPAA compliance and other regulatory statutes. Infolob has built all of those regulations into their IP, to help the users in that sector to go to market quicker and shorten their timeline from an implementation standpoint. At the end of the day, the value added for the customer is speed. In Patel’s words, “With Infolob, clients are allowed to finish their minimum viable product (MVP), faster than with any other partner.”

There are several key aspects that set Infolob apart from other consulting organizations in the industry. To start off the company gives employees top priority, and help them develop outstanding subject matter expertise, inspiring loyalty and a drive to learn and succeed among their teams. On innovation and product excellence, Infolob is consistently seen as thought leaders by Oracle, with product experts providing more than 50 workshops a year for customers. Infolob’s key leaders speak at conferences regularly, playing the role of evangelists; and owing to their product excellence, Oracle uses Infolob to close their engineered systems and cloud deals.

Under the hood, Infolob has a culture of experimenta¬tion, with consultants using their innovation lab in Dallas to experiment on the latest products and build out bleed¬ing-edge solutions for their clients in various industries. As a tech powerhouse, they have built a solution for Epic EMR and Oracle Engineered Systems for the healthcare in¬dustry, making Infolob the ideal partner in Epic and Oracle EMR implementations.

Beyond contracts, Infolob’s engagements and the value that they drive, lead to long-term relationships with clients. Their consultants and teams become a part of the client team, to behave just as an employee would, with the truest and best interests of the client in mind. The hallmarks of a comprehensive service provider! As a managed platinum partner of Oracle and member of the Oracle advisory board, Infolob works with Oracle and goes the extra mile to help their customers become successful. They also provide Oracle with useful client feedback on the products that they have developed.

Geared to a Perfect Implementation

Infolob’s methodology for implementation is best defined through their engagement with a large healthcare customer, who they have worked with on several services over the last three years.
It is one of their biggest accounts, wherein Infolob’s intensive implementation strategy—a blend of agile and SCRUM, allowed them to do a requirements gathering, define the scope, and understand exactly what the client is looking for.

As such, that is a very critical phase, because it is these changes, challenges, or best practices, which Infolob brings to the table that allows them to reassess and define them in further detail with the customer. After this, Infolob creates a build process, which is really agreeing on the strategy that they have formulated during the define phase, and building out exactly what they’ve said they were going to do—the execution, where the rubber hits the road. And because they have these resources in the east and west coasts, it provides Infolob with a very crucial three-hour time coverage, that enables them to execute early in the morning and go all the way until late at night, regardless of location.

Following the build is verification, which goes hand-in-hand with the client. Therefore, whatever it is that Infolob builds they demonstrate proofs of concept through mini demos, which allows them to showcase the work they have done with the customer. These serve two functions, i.e., customer excitement when they see the product on a practical level while giving Infolob the confirmation that they are headed in the right direction. This would mean that if something were to be incorrect, they can change it and can deviate from it, sooner or later. Therefore, deployment is at the far end. Nevertheless, throughout the procedure—definition, build, and verification—there is a constant and keen eye on the information and in meeting the deliverables. This is particularly important because that is the agile way: to be able to do things frequently enough and showcase to the customer and be able to deploy at the end when Infolob has its fields.

Paving the Road to a Braver Tomorrow

Patel is a believer that sports and business are analogous, in which respect, he sees Infolob being the dream team when it comes to providing professional digital services along with supplying quality resources. The best piece of motivation he has offered his employees is that, in order to accomplish any goal(s) in life, one must have a plan and execute daily to ensure continued success. Infolob has been employee- and client-centric from the beginning, in a journey that had started with the primary objective of customer satisfaction, which to this day continues to be their ultimate driver. Within the last few years, Infolob has enjoyed significant and rapid success in North America.

"Oracle will offer you a solution, and here at Infolob, we deliver those solutions from concept to implementation"

Originally started as a database specialist consulting services company, they have expanded into Oracle Go, to partner across the complete stack (Apps + Middleware + Database), particularly in SaaS, engineered systems, hybrid cloud, middleware integration, and digital services. Within the last few years, they have broadened their footprint with near-shore delivery centres in Canada and Mexico, and they want to enter the EMEA market in 2019. As the digital disruption accelerates across the world, Infolob shoots straight, to become the go-to partner for their customers, by prepping them up to undertake more agile operations and drive business growth like never before.