Infogen Labs: Riding the Wave of Digitalization

Sanjeev Kuwadekar, CEO

“In this rapidly evolving world, any emerging technology can become obsolete in a blink of an eye owing to the ever-changing consumer demands,” begins Sanjeev Kuwadekar, CEO of Infogen Labs. Highlighting the impacts of technological advancements in the software realm, he mentions that the primary challenge in this space is to drive innovation and improve the time-to-market of products. “The key trends are the ability to build products quickly, assess market acceptance, and bolster consumerism,” adds the industry veteran. He further points out that today it has become imperative for companies to hire the right people to establish a profound environment for development. To this end, his firm leverages the latest technologies and methodologies to create solutions that can add value to its customers. Based in Woodland Hills, Infogen has a unique combination of products, people, and processes to help its clients to scale into the digital world. Being an end-to-end software development company, Infogen Labs consolidates its onsite and offshore capabilities to render best-in-market solution for each of its customers.
With over two decades of proven market experience, the firm’s proprietary offerings enable its clients to achieve the rapid introduction of scalable digital products.The company provides a comprehensive IT management platform called Service Prime to help its clients in managing all their tech systems and projects from product governance point of view. Next, for accelerating data flow and improving release velocity, Infogen Labs provides Delphix—a data virtualization platform that enables companies to set up multiple environments both on-premises and cloud. This platform creates a virtual copy of data and aids customers to set up environments in minimal time.

Further, Infogen Labs has also created a technical center of excellence called Studios to develop cutting-edge solutions for its customers. “Each Studio has a leader with over 15-20 years of pertinent experience in the market.” The Studio leader keeps track of the emerging technology trends in the market and subsequently organizes training programs for all the engineers of the Studio. “As a part of the training program, we also develop assets which are reusable pieces of code or modules and acts as the impetus for delivering optimum quality products,” mentions Kuwadekar. In a nutshell, Studios help in customer engagement and collaboration and enable companies to figure out the appropriate solutions for them. The firm also creates delivery labs consisting of multiple Studios and project management to help its clients in meeting their business endeavors.
“And for each lab, we have a project or client relationship manager who ensures that they will use the right kind of tools for developing any custom solutions for our clients.”

Backed by some of the great influencers of the world including the former CIOs of SpaceX, Xerox, Sony Pictures, and Coventry Health Care, the firm continually develops state-of-the-art solutions to help product-centric companies innovate and become successful. To put this case into perspective, Kuwadekar renders an example of one of its clients. Prior to associating with Infogen Labs, the client was losing a large part of the market share owing to the presence of obsolete systems on-premises. “They have developed their product on ATS and were maintaining those products with their legacy system in place.” Infogen Labs collaborated with their internal team and used machine algorithms in their data to figure out the current market trends and the ones for the future. “Subsequently, we also worked without the model to help them in finding the appropriate product strategy.”

Currently, the firm operates from the US, India, and Romania but intends to diversify its footprint to the MiddleEast, UK, and Australia. “We are continuously expanding to new territories through acquiring and partnering with other established players of the market. We expect to leverage our consulting services along with the Service Prime and the Delphix platform to reach customers in the focused verticals,” concludes Kuwadekar.