Infocon Systems: Pioneering World-Class EDI

Deepak Nijhawan, President

At any given point in time, a typical enterprise today engages with multiple service providers on the cloud. Without a doubt, cloud computing is the reason behind an anytime, anywhere enterprise, allowing trade partners to come together on any device, over any network. But where this cloud sprawl falls short is when it comes to 'interoperability between systems,' which in turn leads to challenges in data interchange and portability.

With three decades of experience in information systems, Infocon Systems' electronic data interchange (EDI) solution is the silver bullet organizations need to work seamlessly across cloud and API-based systems. With a clientele spread across Asia, Europe, North and South America, Infocon Systems is creating a significant stir in the EDI market among Fortune 500 as well as small-scale companies. "We are putting an end to manual data-entry for B2B exchanges. Above all, our solutions are designed for any trading partner, any integration, and any industry," says Deepak Nijhawan, president of Infocon Systems.
As such, whether the client in question is in the automobile or agriculture sector and wants to integrate with ERP systems such as QuickBooks, Oracle, or SAP, Infocon Systems’ open architecture covers it all. Their EDI software is hosted on Microsoft Azure with 99.9 percent uptime and high-availability. It is also EDI ANSI X12 and EDIFACT compliant, and as a result, completely supports both the European and American system of document exchange.

When it comes to solutions delivery, the company follows a well-defined workflow. At the onset of a project, their sales team engages in information discovery followed by the creation of clear cut proposals. After this, the pre-analysts get to work, where a client's trading partners are contacted and a testing process is initiated with them. Once the testing is completed and certified all the stakeholders go live with document exchange. “We also have an integrations team that ensures there is visibility into critical business information across systems, resulting in increased data efficiency and accuracy,” explains Nijhawan.

Being a highly customer-centric company, Infocon also goes the extra mile to offer 24/7/365 support and builds custom solutions on client request. “We understand we are dealing with a time-sensitive industry and are available round the clock to avoid any downtime situations that our clients may face,” he adds. Moreover, Infocon follows best-in-class security protocols and all data that runs through their system is encrypted and access is granted only to individuals with a digital certificate.
What better highlights Infocon's unique value proposition is the case in point of a leading pharmaceutical company. The client initially dealing with only three trading partners was facing serious data challenges after their ecosystem suddenly expanded to almost 50 partners. They upgraded their system to Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) and Infocon easily integrated with this new ERP software. When the pharma company ran into shipping issues, Infocon integrated with their in-house system called ShipStar to put an end to all challenges. Furthermore, the client received greater visibility into all transactions and contracts which helped them earn better rebates. Experts at Infocon also saw that the client was EDI compliant at all times. “We not only ensured that all their compliance documents were located in a central database but also integrated with their compliance partner,” states Nijhawan.

Agility and flexibility is the name of the game for Infocon and one reason clients chose them over other providers is owing to their ability to provide state-of-the-art services in the least expensive manner possible. A peek into Infocon’s Google reviews is enough to testify the overwhelming positive reputation that the company has garnered in the industry. Giving a glimpse into their future endeavors, Nijhawan says, “In the next five years we are looking at aggressively integrating our products with blockchain technology.”