Inderjit K. Sidhu Esq.: Streamlining the Immigration Process via Holistic Assistance

Inderjit K. Sidhu, Founder

When it comes to steering through the business immigration landscape, having an experienced guide can make all the difference. This is where Inderjit K. Sidhu Esq. LLC (IKS), a specialist in corporate and international employment law, fits the bill perfectly.

As the founder of IKS, Inderjit K. Sidhu’s (Indy) personal journey as a Canadian who navigated the path to U.S. citizenship brings a unique perspective to her practice. Having traveled the same road as many of her clients, Indy and her team is laser focused on helping her clients navigate the immigration process. They have a holistic approach, facilitating solutions for business owners and investors, professionals and highly skilled individuals, and creative artists and professional athletes.

“One of the primary challenges faced by clients is comprehending the intricacies of the immigration process. We alleviate this burden by providing expert guidance and support every step of the way , demystifying the process and empowering them to make informed decisions,” says Indy.

To cater to the multifaceted needs of both employers and potential employees, IKS engages in thorough consultations from the outset of engagement. Discussions encompass exploring various work visa categories, such as a(n) H-1B, J1, L1, E2, O1B, P3, CPT/OPT, often addressing long-term objectives from the onset.
The firm diligently collaborates with clients to assess the adequacy of provided documentation and effectively assisting organizations and businesses across various regions, including Europe, India, and Australia. The team ensures that clients receive ongoing support throughout the process, educating them with the latest policies and compliance regulations. This allows IKS to produce notable client success stories.

IKS also addresses the complexities surrounding visa extensions, the firm offers tailored solutions to bridge temporal gaps, ensuring seamless transitions and optimized outcomes for both corporate clients and their elite talent.

Similarly, in situations where companies have been operational for a specific duration and employees meet requisite criteria, they may file an L-1A petition. Inderjit K. Sidhu Esq. facilitates the L-1A application petition process, which involves meticulous attention to detail, particularly concerning the documentation required, which can vary significantly between overseas jurisdictions and the United States.

For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a high-profile client found themselves in a difficult situation. The client's business hinged on their ability to travel to the U.S., however with consulates closed and limited process of visas, and ongoing travel restrictions, without proper visa entering the country was near to impossible. The client's team explored various options, including seeking help from third-party entities in other countries, however were not able to timely address the matter. Indy and her team were brought in.
Understanding the urgency of the situation, they immediately assessed, developed the plan of action, which when implemented, enabled the client to enter the US timely. The IKS team utilized its expansive experience and extensive network, leveraging back channels, and coordinated a concerted effort to navigate the bureaucratic hurdles delaying the visa issuance. Within a remarkably short timeframe, the client's visa was processed, paving the way for their timely arrival in the U.S. and averting potential disruptions to the client's business.

We provide bespoke services, not just for the company and our corporate clients but also for their employees. We aim to deliver custom solutions that adapt to the client's circumstances

Success stories like these are credited to Indy and her teams extensive experience, delivering high-quality services to clients for over 20 years. The team is divided into two departments—a non-immigrant visa team and an immigrant visa team—which work in sync to achieve client objectives. Fostering a global presence, team members are located in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada.

The ethos of IKS revolves around our clients’ successes and growth. Its vision to go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach and offer bespoke solutions makes IKS a trusted firm among its clients. The IKS team is not intimidated by complex matters. Clients trust the IKS process, enabling the team to achieve the desired goals via its unmatched and unparalleled customer-centric services.