Immigration Desk: Making Immigration Easy

Anu Gupta, Managing Attorney

The COVID-19 pandemic is on the verge of putting economies into recession. Up until February, the U.S. unemployment rate was only about 3.5 percent, and it did not seem like people would have any issues finding a source of income. However, with the COVID-19 lockdowns coming into play, the unemployment rate has escalated to an ominous 14.7 percent. While the layoffs have impacted a large number of citizens, workers on H1-B visas are most vulnerable as they have to abide by strict rules and timelines to maintain their legal status. H-1B visa holders need to show that they are deserving of being in the U.S. For on a visa and furloughing recipients, reducing their wages, and allowing them to work from home violates visa requirements and puts them in a state of legal and financial uncertainty. Terminated employees have 60-days to find another job, transfer to a different visa, or leave the country. If workers do not lose their jobs, they can find themselves in a dilemma as there would be difficulties due to the complex process to renew visas during this period of disruption.

“These immigrants have spent years, some even decades building their lives and setting down roots in the U.S., following the arduous road that our immigration laws laid out. The harms extend beyond their futures,” says Anu Gupta, managing attorney at Immigration Desk.

This troubling situation impacts their families as well. If H1-B visa holders decide to travel back to their native countries, they have to leave behind their U.S. citizen children because of COVID-19 travel bans in their parents’ home countries. As a result, H1-B visa holders will be forced to choose between becoming illegal immigrants by overstaying their visas or endangering public health by violating social distancing in departing. On the other hand, when recovery can finally start, businesses and teams who rely on these individuals’ talents will be handicapped.

With 70 percent of the H1-B holders being Indians, and with the travel bans and layoffs in place, it has been a hectic few weeks for Attorney Gupta and her team at Immigration Desk as they have been receiving calls and emails regularly from businesses worried about their employees working from home and not willing to file an amendment and workers who have been laid off and running out of options.

With a focus on helping individuals and businesses fulfill their immigration objectives, Attorney Gupta and her team are committed to helping entrepreneurs operate their business with the least disruption from immigration processes and individual immigrants staying legal and meeting immigration norms.

Being a first-generation immigrant herself, Attorney Gupta came to the U.S. in 1991 after completing her first Bachelor’s degree and has filed thousands of visa and green card petitions in the past 20 years, advising more than 10,000 individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate employers on immigration matters. This makes her one of the best immigration attorney for the 200,000 H-1B visa holders to survive and thrive in the currently disrupted commercial setup.

A Holistic Business and Individual Immigration Law Firm

In these unprecedented times, it is crucial to comprehend a business’s situation or an individual immigrant and create a case that can benefit them.

We are confident in our ability to deliver desired outcomes consistently for our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner

To this end, Attorney Gupta and her law firm, Immigration Desk provides a high level of interaction and personalized service through experienced immigration attorneys. “All of our cases are personally supervised by an attorney, not a paralegal,” says Attorney Gupta. Her team works with corporations of all sizes in the high-tech and other professional services industries, with hospitals, universities, and restaurants, and with high-networth individuals, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Through its customer-centric approach, Immigration Desk strives to create an immigration advisor-like relationship based on trust. Attorney Gupta comprehends the clients’ circumstances, and the personalities and emotions of the people involved, before initiating their process. “We believe spending that extra 10 minutes with clients will uncover facts that ensure a successful outcome,” adds Attorney Gupta.

Immigration Desk ensures that partnering with them translates to having attorneys who understand the emotional impact that immigration cases have on a company, especially when legal immigrants and guest workers are likely to lose their status and be required to leave the country. Thus, Immigration Desk will be able to save many devastating families and also thereby safeguard public health, retarding economic recovery, and increasing illegal immigration. They make the immigration process easier for clients not by exploiting legal loopholes, but by navigating the legal options with an ethical code of conduct, on behalf of the immigrant workers as well as the client.

She further mentions that for complicated cases, Immigration Desk has the expertise and experience to discuss solutions with the USCIS, write winning letters and memoranda of law, and talk to senators and Congress members, file appeals, and motions to reopen and negotiate with consulates to get the visas approved.

Extremely Knowledgeable and Experienced

Attorney Gupta keeps abreast of the latest laws to ensure that the customers comply with all regulatory requirements, so filing visas is a routine and simple process for them. Roshan, an Indian immigrant, describes attorney Gupta as a comprehensive and dedicated lawyer. He says, “Attorney Gupta was helpful and thorough throughout the entire process. My company was not familiar with the visa processing steps, but she walked me through all the steps required. I decided to go for the H1-B visa at the end of January, and even though I was behind time for the application process, attorney Gupta and her office worked hard for a quick turnaround, and I got the paperwork all ready in time to send to USCIS. She was always available through emails for any questions I had, any day of the week. After the visa approval, when I traveled back home to get my visa stamped, there was an issue with the embassy system. I emailed Attorney Gupta, asking her for advice, and she immediately forwarded my paperwork to me, which I then forwarded to the embassy, and this helped move my visa stamping process along.
I appreciate attorney Gupta for always going that extra mile to help out my case and patiently explaining the process and the requirements to me multiple times.”

Another Indian immigrant, Krishna mentions that Attorney Gupta and her team are outstanding in tech H1-B petitions. “I have received fabulous support and guidance throughout my entire H1-B process. Throughout our consultations, I came to know Attorney Gupta as an extremely knowledgeable and experienced attorney. Her approach was very realistic. She shows the bigger picture before focusing on the specifics. This gave my employer and me a sound understanding of the whole process. My employer and I gained trust and confidence in Attorney Gupta’s ability to pursue my case. I also appreciate their office for being approachable, extremely professional, and pushing relentlessly for the success.”

"All of our cases are personally supervised by an attorney, not a paralegal"

Closely Supervising Every Petition

Since its inception in 1999, the Immigration Desk has scripted many success stories over the years. Leading the firm, Attorney Gupta has focused her efforts solely on immigration services. Her practice grew with her immensely popular immigration advice column in one of the highly circulated Indian newspapers in the U.S. She wrote the legal column as a free community service for people with immigration questions. When time permitted, she also wrote similar guest columns for several other publications. She has even collaborated with India’s search engine/portal leaders to design their immigration channels.

Immigration Desk’s team has received approvals in over 99 percent of the cases, one of the highest approval rates for visa and green card filings by a law practice. The reason for the company’s success is simple. An experienced immigration attorney closely supervises every petition. “You talk to an attorney who exclusively practices immigration law when you need legal advice, and you can depend on our experience and wisdom to resolve your concerns,” says Attorney Gupta.

Understanding Needs and Building Long-Term Relationships

Based on her problem-solving skills, and ability to offer creative solutions, Attorney Gupta has established herself as a highly regarded immigration adviser to business owners in high-growth industries. She has also worked with notable technology gurus and innovators, Palo Alto/Sand Hill venture capitalists, think-tank groups, college professors, entrepreneurs, and foreign investors and has filed visas for extraordinary scientists and Olympic athletes. “We are confident in our ability to consistently deliver desired outcomes for our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner,” states Attorney Gupta. Her firm’s success model is based on several key elements that are the foundation for understanding needs and building long-term relationships, which is the reason many of the clients come through references. As such, it’s a no brainer as to why she has won Albert Marquis lifetime achievement award, twice in a row.

Attorney Gupta has built a genuinely diversified practice to benefit her clients. Her staff speaks several languages and is ready to help clients navigate the immigration process with ease. “We truly believe in making immigration easy!” she concludes.