IMedrix: AI-Driven Med-Tech for New-Age Cardiac Care

Srikanth Jadcherla, President & CEO

One out of four Indians succumbs to cardiovascular diseases–a shocking revelation in a survey conducted by the Global Burden of Disease. Unfortunately, the news headlines seem to be always rife with the death of young celebrities who passed away due to heart problems. As tragic as it may be, the silver lining on that dark cloud is increased community awareness. Cardiac ailments are afflicting many from India due to a variety of reasons like stress, genetics, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The problem is further aggravated due to the delay experienced in transporting a heart patient to the nearest hospital, which may be hours away.

As daunting as it is to know that heart disease has been recognized as the leading cause of death, the only way to avoid premature death is to screen early and administer lifestyle or diet changes and initiate medication therapies as needed. At the vanguard is IMedrix, an Indian-American startup pioneering mobile electrocardiogram (ECG).

The company has developed KardioScreen, an AIbased mobile ECG device to detect heart disease, suggest treatment, and connect to a cardiologist. Depending on the severity of the ailment, the AI-enabled KardioScreen provides accurate diagnosis assistance without the hassle of rushing to the nearest medical facility.

We represent the coming of age for India’s startup ecosystem, especially in med-tech and cardiac care

The results are displayed on a tablet or smartphone, and the reports are uploaded to the cloud, which the physicians can access to prescribe accurate treatment if any irregularities are observed. All of this can now be done in out-of-hospital (home/office) settings. The entire solution was developed in the Bangalore R&D offices and is manufactured in California. KardioScreen is patented and FDA cleared. “We represent the coming of age for India’s startup ecosystem, especially in med-tech,” says Srikanth Jadcherla, CEO of IMedrix.

The company’s journey traces back to the timeline when Jadcherla was an architect at Intel with a ringside view of the desktop to laptop transformation – his work winning him the coveted Intel Achievement Award. Soon, the second generation of mobility ecosystem opened pathways through embracing various models of smartphones. Jadcherla then started an online education program that literally reached the four corners of India. It was during this transformative period that Jadcherla foresaw the potential of mobile technology in the healthcare sector. With over 25 years of expertise in mobile technology, he laid the cornerstone of IMedrix to bring about a radical shift in the healthcare system to disrupt cardiac care through early diagnosis and treatment.

Thanks to IMedrix, cardiac care is now mobile with custom medical assistance for heart patients on the go.
Jadcherla recounts a project from 2020 that features KardioScreen in an All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) funded project called “Mission DELHI” in New Delhi, India. This is a life-saving project that responds to a heart attack hotline with motorcycle paramedics. An ECG test is done with KardioScreen on site, and the patient is stabilized and transported to the nearest emergency unit. “Over 3,000 lives have been saved in New Delhi with KardioScreen. It is a result of aggressive and unique use of mobility in Indian medtech,” Jadcherla observed.

IMedrix stays patient-centric and has gained the attention of healthcare giants primarily looking to extend their reach into mobile healthcare technology. IMedrix bridges the gap between the tertiary care providers and their technology to those unfamiliar with accessing cardiac care data. Consequently, IMedrix’s services have already made them gain 250,000 patients across 16 countries. “It is the only cardiology product designed in India to be cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA),” extols Jadcherla.

Going forward, the company aims to provide chronic care management with personalized analytics, digital engagement, and patient outreach. As many societies age, outreach at home is taking on more prominence. In the long-term, IMedrix’s vision is to deliver doorstep diagnosis, home-based healthcare, and remote patient monitoring–making mobile healthcare an even friendlier option.