i&i Software: Capturing the Data Value

Shyam Kumar, CEO & Founder

Over the years, Shyam Kumar, an Indian entrepreneur based in the U.S., has worked incessantly to answer the industry’s questions pertaining to the authenticity of Business Intelligence (BI) generated out of the Data from business process management systems. While the BI reports influenced executive decisions, the lack of consistency in the Data across an organization proved to be an obstacle for effective decision-making. In the pursuit to solve this predicament, Kumar navigated his company, i&i Software, an IT professional services organization, towards Data Governance to ensure high quality and consistent Data throughout its lifecycle. i&i created an enterprise-grade Data Governance solution to allow the user to collate, automate, regulate, and secure Data to help organizations make informed executive decisions. “Authorized with IT Schedule 70, a long-term contract by General Services Administration, we work with state agencies and federal government customers in providing Data Governance services,” says Kumar, the CEO and founder of i&i.
i&i’s Data Governance solution allows users to contextualize the Data based on its origin, format, and usage, after which they can collaborate and govern the Data while making it accessible to the user. As an outcome of this feature, the Data gets relevant and usable, while remaining consistent throughout the organization. In addition to the consistency, Data Governance ensures compliance with regulatory requirements such as GDPR.

The onboarding of the client for Data Governance begins with a collaborative plan to build a Data Governance engine. The engine does the gap analysis to help formulate a Data Governance implementation roadmap. As an outcome of the roadmap, the end-to-end Data Governance solution equips the client to handle processes ranging from consulting and planning to implementation and project management.

i&i demonstrated its prowess when one of the largest public healthcare systems in the U.S. faced the challenge of an Internal Data deluge generated by the Electronic Health Records. With over a dozen hospitals, each having multiple subsidiaries, the healthcare system wanted to secure the Data while making it accessible and actionable. With the use of i&i’s Data Governance solution, the client created a Data lineage to track the Data from source to target, following which Kumar’s team set up a strategy to create a well-coordinated and robust Data Governance program.
As a remarkable transformation, there was an improvement in incident tracking and a drop in duplicate records, which made it possible to validate records with high-quality Data.

In addition to Data Governance, i&i offers a solution to streamline the Government’s Recovery Program in the event of a catastrophe. When Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. in 2012, i&i supported the mayor’s office in New York City, by aiding the Recovery Program. Powering the program, i&i created GrantCare (www.grantcare.com) to walk the user through the Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program—covering the registration of victim applications and checking the eligibility for the grant, concluding in settlement. i&i’s GrantCare streamlined the CDBD-DR process, which in turn benefitted several victims.

What started in 2001 as an ERP and CRM vendor, i&i today is on a strong footing to provide Data Governance solutions. Having grown in five cities over the course of 18 years, Kumar emphasizes that the target is to cover the market in the U.S. holistically and provide state-of-the-art solutions. In the event of client request from the Middle East or the European Union, Kumar’s team offers consulting services pertaining to Data Governance. “Expansion is not about how many people add on each year, but the value that the organization brings to itself and the clients,” Kumar signs off.