Green Circle Life: Engaging Employees with a Single HR App and Achieving Amazing Results

Dinesh Sheth, Founder & CEO

To achieve long-term financial success, companies must attract and retain talented staff and ensure employees are healthy, productive and happy at work and at home. It is therefore important for firms to provide comprehensive benefits packages that not only cater to employees, but their families as well. Although many enterprises provide benefits packages that entail medical insurance, retirement plans, and more; due to time-consuming work schedules and confusing benefits education, employees tend to neglect their benefits, and fail to make use of them to the fullest. At the same time, enterprises find it complicated to effectively manage their offerings and realize greater returns from investments.

Florida-based Green Circle Life nips these challenges in the bud by providing a single, centralized solution for employee benefits and HR services management. “We enable our clients to bring all their benefits within one engaging mobile app for employees to use daily. This improves workforce productivity, and enables them to foster an environment of health and wellness, which ultimately lowers healthcare costs and increases productivity,” says Dinesh Sheth, founder & CEO of the company.

Green Circle Life takes a holistic approach to employee wellness and combines all of the functionalities families need to manage chronic conditions, lifelong health records and much more.

We enable our clients to effectively communicate with their employees via HR dashboards in a centralized mobile app and foster an environment of health and wellness to ultimately increase productivity and profitability

Firms can customize their benefits offerings based on how they use the platform, as well as with user health data to create a personalized experience. Up to four family members can participate in the platform where health partners such as doctors, dieticians and nurses are also available to educate and coach users.

To be a durable differentiator amidst the plethora of HR service providers, the company has segmented its offerings within three service lines, Green Circle HR, Green Circle Wellness and Green Circle Health. This way, employers are able to select the services they need to best aid employees, with the option of expanding at any time.

More specifically, Green Circle HR provides employers with their own branded HR dashboard, which centralizes HR benefits and services for employees and their families within one location for easy access. This branded portal helps employers maximize benefits utilization and creates an engaging workplace environment that eliminates inefficiencies and assures employee retention. The platform integrates with any currently utilized services so employees have access to the same benefits they love, now within a centralized location.
Employees can also communicate with each other through the app’s messaging feature, while being able to engage with company news, articles and announcements. The platform also enables employers to distribute policy manuals, handbooks, forms, ongoing education and training and other similar content.

Green Circle Wellness helps employers and their employees conduct wellness assessments and biometric screenings, as well as participate in wellness challenges, digital and live coaching and to offer wellness rewards. Green Circle Health on the other hand, is focused on chronic condition management, gaps and in-care analysis, care coordination, integrated family health records, storing and sharing health records and documents, medication, immunization, remote monitoring and coaching to improve health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

To exemplify Green Circle Life’s value proposition, Sheth recollects the company’s collaboration with a retail employer with more than 87,000 employees that witnessed a five-fold increase in the number of employees engaging with their wellness program and seven-fold increase in the number of employees engaging in their condition management program within first year. The company also saw a 20- fold increase in users taking advantage of HR benefits via their dashboard.

Green Circle Life strives to help employers engage employees and their families with their HR benefits and services to not only help them retain and recruit talented employees and increase productivity, but also bring about a new level of health and wellness in today’s workforce. Green Circle Life goes the extra mile to help their clients build a unique corporate culture of health and wellness.