Green Circle Life: Boosting Employee Engagement for Holistic Health and Wellbeing

The last year saw stress levels rising all around as COVID spread worldwide. Today, as people navigate the post-pandemic world, their major concerns revolve around health issues and mental wellbeing, which are at an alltime high. In the workplace, this translates into hampered employee productivity, with company revenue taking a hit. In such a scenario, organizations need to step up their employee engagement game to show that they care for their workforce. One way to connect better with employees is to address their healthcare needs and educate them on all the benefits and services the company offers. As people find themselves increasingly saddled with rising health issues, companies can positively impact employees' lives by helping them effectively manage their health and wellness, thereby showing that they care for them, thus greatly increasing their talent acquisition and retention rates.

This is where Green Circle Life makes a world of difference. The Florida-based company offers a single platform to employers to assist employees and their families in leading better, healthier, and productive lives through a combination of HR and wellness services. "Green Circle offers SmartFHR™, or the Smart Family HR platform, which allows employers to engage their employees and their families in the company's culture of health and wellbeing," says Dinesh Sheth, Green Circle Life's founder and CEO.

An Engagement Platform with a Difference

SmartFHR™ offers a full-spectrum of wellness services covering health screening, preventive care, immunization, wellness assessment, and annual wellness checklists. Assessing the data from these tests, the platform designs targeted, personalized programs to improve employee health, further augmented by one-on-one live as well as digital coaching to steer them toward a healthy lifestyle. With such a unique approach to health management, Green Circle Life is helping organizations save big bucks in healthcare costs for employees by addressing their chronic health issues. "Through our platform, we've been able to clinically demonstrate significant drops in employees' A1C or blood glucose levels, accompanied by a similar drop in their medical costs by thousands of dollars," Sheth informs, adding that similar results have been achieved in cases of heart conditions and weight management programs.

The SmartFHRTM platform allows employers to engage their employees and their families in the company culture of health and wellness

Aided by a clinical team of physicians, dieticians, and nurse practitioners possessing extensive clinical knowledge led by Dr. Sanjay Parikh, Chief Medical Officer at Green Circle Life, the platform is used to schedule appointments for employees to gain better guidance to make lifestyle changes. Taking into account the possibility of multiple health issues both for the employees and their families, SmartFHR™ can manage several medical conditions at once. As a unique feature, SmartFHR™ also allows employers to implement a reward-based workflow system for employees achieving certain health-related milestones.

The highly configurable, feature-rich, easy-to-use SmartFHR™ platform enables employers to provide visibility into employee benefits to educate, enroll and use the benefits. In addition, they offer information and access to company services like HR, internal communications, job posting, and time reporting – all in a single place. The platform leverages various communications channels like text messaging, emails, in-app notifications, popups, and bulletin boards to facilitate seamless employee engagement. For instance, during the pandemic last year, AutoZone, the auto parts retail giant, used the SmartFHR™ platform to streamline communications with its huge, scattered workforce in over 6,600 stores operating across all 50 states. "They communicated with their employees regardless of location to distribute information about COVID protocols and store procedures to them," remarks Sheth.

SmartFHR™ also comes in handy for banks, which had to stay open during the pandemic as an essential service, to take good care of their employees' health and wellness needs. Thanks to SmartFHR™, companies have gained the ability to not just track their employees' COVID vaccination compliance but also manage workflows for offering rewards to them for completing their vaccine shots. Additionally, the platform provides information to employees on different brands of vaccines and their schedules to help them plan their immunization accordingly.
Same tool will help to remind them when Booster Shot requirements are defined.

The platform is customizable for organizations of all sizes and comes branded with the company logo and content. Through SmartFHR™, Green Circle Life empowers companies to provide a powerful service to their employees where they can receive training and get information about rules on compliance, safety, security, company policy, employee benefits, and disease management programs. In a nutshell, SmartFHRTM acts as the go-to personal HR handbook for employees provided digitally by their employers.

A Novel Approach to Health and Wellness

Green Circle Life's novel platform goes beyond a mere HR and wellness application to encompass the broader concern for maintaining a healthy work-health-life balance. To that end, the platform acts as a companion app for employees, nudging them toward timely day-today task completion that frees them up to concentrate on incorporating lifestyle changes that will make them more productive and successful at work. This philosophy has contributed to SmartFHR™ becoming one of the leading employee engagement platforms in the industry.

To offer such innovative health management services to employees, organizations need to become thoroughly acquainted with SmartFHR’s features. To this end, Green Circle Life trains the client company’s HR teams and their other benefits providers to efficiently use the platform and also collaborates with them to formulate an annual communication activity plan that sends timely reminders to employees to complete tasks ranging from benefits enrollment, annual health check-ups to attending emotional wellbeing programs, to updating performance reports.

In line with emerging awareness about the importance of employee health and wellbeing, organizations across various industries are more than willing to incorporate disease management into HR services for employees. Green Circle is all set to cater to their needs, striving to succeed with SmartFHR™ by expanding within the retail, financial, manufacturing, educational industries, and beyond. Moving toward a bright future, Green Circle Life and its platform will be continually transforming employee engagement across industries through holistic wellbeing.