Global Tree: Convening Immigration, Education & Training Under One Roof

Mr. Srikar Alapati

Founder & Managing Director.

Achieving a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa would be an ideal interval sequence in any one’s biopic. Since immigration can engender a paradigm shift not only in the person’s but his entire family’s life, the immigrant’s anxious mind intrinsically travels through an array of roller coasters during visa processing which customarily takes months, especially if you have to hop from one agency to another for immigration, education and training to get your visa. Being the only organization in India providing all the three services under one roof, Global Tree (an end-to-end immigration consultant in India) acts as a one-stop shop that has gained accreditations from almost every global high commissions and organizations present in various countries, ranging from UK Border Agency (UKBA) certification to American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) membership, Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) membership and much more. Its internal evaluation & research teams further add value to the company’s success rate by helping it on-board candidates only with 100 percent eligibility. In fact, they even suggest better immigration programs according to the candidate’s credentials.

As a collective result of the aforementioned facets, Global Tree processes visas faster than any of its competitors. Vishwa Jeeth – a data scientist with an Indian entity willing for an Australian PR Visa, is one among Global Tree’s clients who have experienced this super-fast facilitation paradigm in its intense. He puts it in simple words,“Global Tree is an excellent consultancy which facilitated my Australian Immigration. I got my visa within 10 days. Thank you guys. ” While other consultants provide merely the visa services, Global Tree stands for its name by not only branching Indians across the countries such as Canada, Australia, UK, U.S., Hong-Kong, Denmark, New Zealand, Germany, and South Africa to name a few, but also truly preparing them for a life abroad by helping across dimensions.

A Family Tree that Helps You Settle Abroad

Donald Trump has recently signed the ‘Buy American & Hire American’ executive order that announced a major review on skilled-work visas, akin to Malcolm Turn bull scraping the 457 Australian visa program, which calls for foreign workers to have better English proficiency and job skills. With this global tug-of-war for rejecting, delaying or further laying stringent document policies, the need for more accurate handling of documentation process is on the rise. This is where Global Tree comes in with a gamut of accreditations under its name. With a dedicated team of counselors &consultants, immigration attorneys and accountants, the organization is fully equipped to ensure a smooth transition into your destination country. Besides being comprised of consultants with immense know-how, owing thanks to its review system Internal Evaluation Report (IER) that helps takes up candidates with 100 percent eligibility, Global Tree has got the highest visa success rate and conversion rate in the industry. “Through IER, we reject at least 25 percent of profiles submitted for evaluation,” asserts Subhakar Alapati, Founder & Director, Global Tree.

On the other hand, the company also has a 12 people strong research team in place who invests their time
in comprehending the updates & opportunities in the immigration industry on a daily basis. Empowered by this dedicated team, Global Tree is the first consultant to snatch critical information, and in turn make real-time revamps in its processes. Further more, it has also partnered with licensed immigration lawyers across the nations who are directly partnered with respective immigration departments, not only to ascertain the regulatory compliances, but also for being informed about the real-time updates in first-hand.

How ever, from the client’s perspective, getting certificates ready for the documentation process is a tiring task, especially for the people who are bounded by their schedules. Hence, Global Tree turns as a personal assistant to them, and besides providing assistance to manage bank accounts and maintain the cash balance required, its consultants even travel all the way to the universities that the clients studied, and get the necessary academic documentation done for them.

Empowered by this dedicated team, Global Tree is the first consultant to snatch critical information, and in turn make real-time revamps in its processes

Training & Much More

Strategy and planning count for only 50 percent of execution, while the rest demands high scores in various tests. “A lot of people fail to crack the IELTS even though they come through English medium schools and have professional experience,” opines Subhakar. Perceiving this crater, Global Tree’s in-house trainers prepare candidates for all the competency exams, be it quantitative or language tests, ranging from IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE to TOEFL. There have been many instances where the company coached clients to upgrade their IELTS by two bands. “We have morning & evening batches for the online training sessions, where their working hour is not disturbed. As one of our three major verticals, Training forms a cornerstone of who we are as an organization,” he adds.

Well, once you land abroad, another set of requirements start chasing you. Imagine that you have received a job offer from a metro-city based company in India, and it doesn’t provide any accommodation facility. Needless to say, even if you know the language, the ‘flat-hunting’ days would be a nightmare for you. This scene is a bit foggier while settling abroad. Here, Global Tree is an elixir for its clients with its ‘prologue to epilogue’ service model. It proffers value added services ranging from ticket booking (at lower rates, using their online tie-ups) to foreign exchange (tie-up with more than three FOREX companies), airport-pickups, and finding matching jobs and apartments according to clients’ budget.

As a crème de la crème of its offerings, the company has also curated an Alumni Network – an ecosystem of former clients who have already settled abroad, which helps the new immigrants to make friends. No wonder, in many cases, this social networking platform has played a key role in its clients finding a shelter. “We have also partnered with a couple of agencies which ensure that our clients get perfect accommodation. We also have a lot of former clients who were ready to accommodate the new immigrants until they find their own house,” elucidates Srikar Alapati, Founder & Managing Director, Global Tree. In addition, the company also helps clients with complete insurance process (including healthcare) and in tracing the right schools for their children. By ensuring that the clients settle well, and keeping in
touch with them even after the settlement, Global Tree exists as a one big family.

The company goes beyond proffering educational visas& Investor vis as to include from visit visas to tourist visas and business visas (to about 25 countries across the globe). How ever, as an Investor Visa facilitator, Global Tree manifests a lot of options including UK Tier-2 investment program & EB-5 U.S. investor visa program abreast of a gamut of other options to invest in Australia, Europe & Canada for a permanent residency achievement. On the flip side, the company is matchless with its Educational Visa offerings as well. Global Tree, being an In Charge Education Foundation (ICEF) certified organization, a student partnership partner with the Canadian High Commission, and a member of AAERI (Association of Australian Education Representatives in India), have tied-up with more than 15 educational institutions that wish to send their students to study abroad. It has partnered with Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT), Acharya Group of Institutions, St. Peter's Engineering College, Mahavir Institute of Engineering & Technology and JNTU among many other institutes, in order to accomplish their third party tie-ups with foreign universities.

A Decade of Success& Going for More

Rewinding the past decade, the Alapati brothers commenced Global Tree’s operations in 2006 from Vijayawada. Since then, in virtue of its comprehensive approach, it grew to three more branches in Hyderabad in shut-eye time, and growing further in Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh & Pune. As the direct immigration industry savors almost 5-7 percent growth this year, Global Tree that remain bootstrapped since its inception has pipelined huge growth plans for the years to come. Alongside the skill development, management and knowledge based training sessions conducted by in-house & external professionals, the five people strong HR team (one among them is dedicated for the employee’s welfare &maintaining relations) has been instrumental in building a 200 people strong workforce which is capable of taking the growth plans forward.

As an organization that travels along with the technology trends, the company leverages heavily on an ERP system to track every single process. However, completed 10 years of delivering immigration, educational & training services under one roof, Global Tree is about to spread its wings through a rapid expansion to 10 more offices by end of this year. “We plan to augment on the online support system to cater to more clients across India. Also, as the rapid expansion plans are on the go, we are in search of mentors who can guide us through,” concludes Srikar.

Key Management:

SrilakshmiNarayanaAlapati, Chairman
A well-known creative and commercial writer & media consultant for many leading MNCs, Alapati is the guiding light of the company.

SrikarAlapati, Managing Director
A first generation entrepreneur, Srikar has a relentless passion for innovation and customer satisfaction. After completing his B.E (ECE), he set up his entrepreneurial venture to fulfill people's global dreams.

Subhakar Alapati, Director
Basically a mechanical engineer, Subhakar has been instrumental in expanding the scope & reach of Global Tree, in its aspirations of being a well-diversified and far reaching customer centric organization.

Offices: Hyderabad (Headquarters),Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh & Pune.