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Dr.Rajan Natarajan, Founder & CEO

“Long ago, it came to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.”- Leonardo da Vinci

It all began in the famed hallways of Michigan State University, where Dr. Rajan Natarajan was pursuing his post-doctoral research. While there, it dawned on him to learn about the innovation and commercialization of science in the business sphere, so he pursued an MBA as well. As an intellectual, Dr. Natarajan was the winner of the prestigious Young Scientist Award in India. Despite a life full of challenges back in India, he had managed to earn two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. Undeterred and motivated, little did he know that his decision to move to the U.S. was history in the making. His intellectual journey in life is indeed the living embodiment of Leonardo da Vinci’s thought-provoking words. Dr. Natarajan was born in a farmer’s family in a tiny village called Muthukkadu in Tamil Nadu, India.

After reaching the pinnacle of academic success, it was time to disrupt the business world. Dr. Natarajan expertise and zeal were evident when he transformed the start-up he had joined in Washington DC into one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country. In due course, he was appointed as the Deputy Secretary of State in Maryland, making him the first Indian-American to attain such a coveted position. Fast forward to 2015, Dr. Natarajan was made the Commissioner of Transportation for the state of Maryland, where he went on to propose various capital and budget planning bills. Armed with the experience of a scientist, businessman, and public servant, Dr. Natarajan turned the page to another big life chapter by venturing into entrepreneurship and laying the cornerstone of Global Alliant in 2018.

The company is a pioneer in Information Technology consulting and software development and is built on the bedrock of Dr. Natarajan’s tremendous experience and expertise.

It takes perseverance, determination, aspiration, and opportunity

In just three years, he turned the organization into the fastest growing Asian-American-owned enterprise in the country. His continued journey proves that someone with the tenacity to deliver dreams of success will also have the prowess to conquer all adversities. “It takes perseverance, determination, aspirations, and opportunities,” he remarks.

Tailor-Made Services Empowering Customers

Global Alliant offers a plethora of services for diverse public and private sector needs. Their solutions include robotic process automation, cloud computing, big data analytics, cyber security, enterprise resource planning, and client relationship management services, among others. Global Alliant’s AI learning platform VIBE enables customers to manage IT operations and automate complex business and IT processes. Global Alliant’s area of expertise spans various verticals like healthcare, transportation, education, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and finance, ensuring perfect tailor-made solutions.

Their main focus, however, is directed toward the realm of healthcare, with an esteemed clientele consisting of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maryland Department of Human Services, Maryland Department of Health, and various other federal and state government offices. The company provides HIPAA-compliant healthcare tech services like patient management, application support, communication services, and more.

“We are truly taking the right solutions to complex problems,” remarks Dr. Natarajan.

What further sets Global Alliant apart is its ability to build a relationship with customers and consultants. Their extensive client onboarding process enables them to review and study the requirements and provide the best possible solutions. However, Dr. Natarajan states that he’s always evaluating current policies and processes, looking for ways to improvise for improvement no matter what circumstances may exist.
“I’m more of a results-oriented person,” he states. Dr. Natarajan further ensures the employees, consultants, and clients stay connected with the company and each other at all times. He proudly says “We provide the right solution for the right price at the right time, and that truly differentiates us from the rest.”

While customers are treated like kings/queens by Global Alliant, similarly, employees and consultants feel they are part of a team that is respected and valued. Dr. Natarajan states “It is a very competitive market, and quite difficult to find and retain a good workforce, so we have to be vigilant and compensation competitive." When it comes to hiring the right talent, Global Alliant seeks individuals who maintain a positive attitude, team spirit, and the personal mettle needed during times of adversity and challenge. The company believes that with the right attitude, people can learn and succeed in any field and under any circumstance.

Dr. Natarajan aims to transform Global Alliant into an industry leaders and game changer in delivering innovations. He buoyantly says “We are constantly building our intellectual property for our company’s continued success in supporting our team members and those we serve.”

Dr. Natarajan always wants to be a Versatile, Visionary, Differentiator. As examples, he masterfully made successful career changes within the sectors of science & technology, entrepreneurship/business, and politics. As a Scientist, he has published 50 scientific research papers, obtained one U.S. Patent and commercialized 3 biotechnologies. As an entrepreneur and senior business executive, he led a startup biotechnology company and two IT startup companies, which became among the fastest growing firms in the US. Being a political appointee (as Deputy Secretary of State and Commissioner of Transportation in Maryland), he has become a trusted champion in foreign policy, diplomacy, intergovernmental affairs, foreign direct investment, educational collaboration, international sister-state programs, cultural exchanges, transportation policies & modernization, and branded Maryland globally.