GEHI & ASSOCIATES: Where Dreams Know No Borders

N.M. Gehi, Founder and Principal

In a world where borders are not just lines on a map but barriers to dreams, Gehi & Associates is a trusted guide for those navigating the complicated paths of immigration laws in the United States.

With a collective experience exceeding 35 years and a track record of excellence in immigration laws, Gehi & Associates stands as a pillar among the immigration law firms in the US. Its team of seasoned immigration attorneys, based in New York City and beyond, is committed to every case it undertakes, advocating for the rights and interests of those it represents. From the initial consultation to the final resolution, clients are assured comprehensive support tailored to their needs.

What sets Gehi & Associates apart is the firm’s dedication to its clients' success. The complexity of US immigration laws and frequent regulatory updates can intimidate even the most seasoned applicants. However, Gehi & Associates’s immigration attorneys thrive in this dynamic environment, consistently delivering positive outcomes for its clients. The firm handles a spectrum of matters with finesse, including deportation proceedings, securing asylum status, obtaining various types of visas, and facilitating the path to citizenship.

Gehi & Associates transcends mere legal assistance by embodying empathy and understanding toward clients. Its commitment to delivering credible solutions extends to every facet of immigration law. The firm offers free consultation services to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to seek guidance on their immigration journey.

As uncertainty looms large in today's immigration landscape, Gehi & Associates demonstrates how expertise, empathy, and dedication can make a difference in navigating the complexities of immigration law, ensuring clients feel supported and empowered throughout their journey.

Legal Innovation and Client-Centric Advocacy

Gehi & Associates prides itself on fostering a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic attorneys whose intelligence matches their passion for the law. Operating within a fast-paced and forward-thinking atmosphere, this distinguished international law firm cultivates an environment where excellence thrives.

“With our practical experience and multicultural perspective, we guide our clients through the immigration process with clarity, compassion, and excellence while upholding the highest standards of professional ethics,” says N.M. Gehi, founder and principal of Gehi & Associates.

Renowned for its focus on complex and cuttingedge legal issues, the firm engages in litigation across multiple areas of law with a remarkable success rate. Notably, it has made significant strides in federal court, challenging the policies and practices of entities ranging from large private corporations to governmental agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State. Gehi & Associates’ involvement in the settlement of The Trump Model Management case, an agency of former President Trump, represents its prowess in navigating high-stakes legal battles. Beyond its legal acumen, the firm has earned a reputation as the preferred law firm for a distinguished clientele, including retired judges, U.N. diplomats, government officials, New York and Texas Police Department detectives, and fellow attorneys.

With client-centricity at the core, Gehi & Associates provides a comprehensive range of immigration services. From asylum and citizenship to deportation defense and family-based immigration, the firm offers personalized legal guidance tailored to each client's unique situation. For those facing persecution or fearing their safety in their home countries, seeking asylum in the United States can provide a vital lifeline.
Gehi & Associates understands the urgency and sensitivity of such cases, offering compassionate support and expert guidance throughout the asylum and refugee process. By ensuring that clients fully comprehend their rights and options, the firm helps individuals secure the protection and security they seek in their new homeland.

Obtaining citizenship marks a pivotal moment in any immigrant's journey, opening doors to a world of possibilities and liberties. Gehi & Associates guides clients through this process, offering expert support on eligibility criteria, application procedures, and citizenship test readiness. In a similar vein, Gehi & Associates facilitate the reunification of couples through their fiancé visa services. With precision and compassion, the firm streamlines the process, enabling couples to unite in the United States swiftly and seamlessly, setting the stage for a new chapter together.

The H-1B visa is a coveted opportunity for skilled professionals worldwide to pursue their careers in the United States. Recognizing the significance of this visa category, Gehi & Associates offers strategic guidance and support to individuals seeking H-1B sponsorship. The firm maximizes the chances of success for its clients, empowering skilled professionals to utilize their talent and contribute to the American workforce.

Entrepreneurs seeking to invest and innovate in the United States find a trusted partner in Gehi & Associates. Expert guidance is offered on investor visas, including the E-1 and E-2 visas, enabling foreign investors to develop and manage their ventures while contributing to the growth of the U.S. economy.

In times of crisis and upheaval, the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program offers temporary legal status and work authorization to individuals unable to return to their home countries. Gehi & Associates provides vital support to those in need, maneuvering the complexities of the TPS program with diligence and compassion to ensure that clients receive the assistance they require during challenging times.

With the required expertise, compassion, and commitment, the firm empowers individuals, families, and businesses to traverse their immigration journeys confidently and achieve their American dreams.

A Heartwarming Success Story

With over 80 professionals spread across three locations in New York, Texas, and an affiliate office in Mumbai, Gehi & Associates has an impressive track record of assisting over 15,000 clients across a spectrum of legal matters. Client engagements at Gehi & Associates often unfold as tales of triumph and reunion, vividly illustrating the firm's commitment to fostering enduring relationships with its clients.

One such heartwarming success story centers around a U.S. citizen of Bangladeshi descent who approached the team in 2020 with a heartfelt desire—to reconcile with her 87-year-old father residing in Bangladesh.

Upon engaging with Gehi & Associates, the client found comfort in the firm's dedicated staff, who embarked on a determined mission to facilitate the long-awaited reunion. The first crucial step involved crafting a petition for the client's elderly father, seeking approval for family reunification. Recognizing the situation's urgency and the client's desire for swift resolution, the firm took proactive measures by promptly filing an Adjustment of Status Application for the client's father. This strategic move aimed to expedite the process and bring about family reunification on American soil—an endeavor that demanded diligence from the firm's legal team.

Gehi & Associates' efforts culminated in the approval of the petition for family reunification—a critical milestone that began a new chapter for the client and her father. With the first hurdle successfully surmounted, Gehi & Associates attorneys now eagerly await the clearance of the green card, which will confer lawful permanent residence status upon the client's father in the United States.
At Gehi & Associates, moments like this fuel the firm's passion for making family reunification dreams a reality. As the client's journey continues, Gehi & Associates remains committed to providing support and guidance, ensuring a seamless transition to the next chapter of their family's journey in the United States.

Forging a Legacy

Gehi & Associates owes much of its extraordinary succe to the visionary leadership of its founder and esteemed legal luminary, Naresh M. Gehi. With a career defined by groundbreaking achievements and dedication to justice, Gehi is a leading figure in the legal arena known for his advocacy.

“Leadership is not about the title one holds, but rather the ability to inspire, empower, and guide others towards a common goal. A true leader is not defined by their position, but by their actions, integrity, and unwavering commitment to justice,” says Gehi.

As the founder and Principal Attorney of Gehi & Associates, Gehi has been instrumental in steering the firm's trajectory to the forefront of the legal landscape. His visionary leadership has forged enduring client relationships and yielded remarkable results.

Gehi's mastery of immigration law is unparalleled, as evident by his handling of over 15,000 cases spanning diverse legal domains, including personal injury, family law, insurance, landlord-tenant disputes, and labor law. Gehi has made significant strides on the international stage. Serving as a personal advisor to the President of Suriname, he spearheaded efforts to overhaul the country's immigration laws, earning the distinguished title of "Honorable" from President Santokhi.

With our practical experience and multicultural perspective, we guide our clients through the immigration process with clarity, compassion, and excellence while upholding the highest standards of professional ethics

With legal prowess extending to high-profile clients in the entertainment industry like renowned Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, his strategic advocacy has enabled him to navigate high-stakes cases with finesse, solidifying his reputation as a trusted legal advisor to prominent figures.

Gehi's holistic approach to legal practice and focus on client satisfaction has garnered widespread acclaim within the legal community. His influence transcends his law firm, evident in his appointment to the federal litigation committee of The American Immigration Lawyers Association. In addition, his nomination for and receipt of the prestigious SuperLawyers award highlights his standing as a top-tier legal professional esteemed for his exceptional understanding and advocacy.

Beyond the courtroom, Gehi actively engages with the public through media appearances and speaking engagements, sharing his insights and expertise on immigration law with a broader audience. His record of success and commitment to community service has earned him prestigious roles, including serving on the financial team of former First Lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Gehi has also been honored with multiple awards from the New York State Senate and members of Congress for his outstanding contributions to public service.

Gehi & Associates, with a legacy of visionary leadership and over 35 years of collective immigration expertise, embodies industry-leading legal advocacy. As the firm continues to pave the way with innovative legal solutions and compassionate client support, it reaffirms its commitment to shaping a future where borders do not hinder dreams but serve as gateways to new beginnings and opportunities.