GAVS Technologies: Digital Transformation through Infrastructure Solutions

The advancement of digital business is demanding the action to unite IT advances with the rising business models,for organizations to make growth in their business value."To aid organizations drive enormous values from these trends, we are poised to take advantage of this changing landscape through our technology led solutions and IP," posits Sumit Ganguli, CEO at GAVS Technologies. "We believe that industry is going through a changing landscape, and with this tectonic shift happening, leaders and business stakeholders need to move faster to grapple with this change." GAVS Technologies offers IT services and solutions for enabling enterprises in their digital transformation journey through their innovative infrastructure solutions such as Predictive Analytics, Identity Access Management and Risk and Governance. "GAVS harnesses next-generation technologies to deliver value-added services to clients," says Ganguli.

The firm's solutions and services are typically associated with the prevailing technological trends, enabling enterprises to take the potential benefits of Bimodal IT
trend that involves in managing the essential operations,and transforming it through the IT operation analytics, cloud orchestration, automation, and DevOps. With the escalating amount of security breaches in the growing market, the data quality for on boarding and entitlement runs with strict IT Risk Controls. GAVS navigates these technology choices, considers frame works to leverage industry-proven practices to integrate an organization's legacy environment to meet security, privacy and compliance requirements.

In a nutshell, zMan, a powerful automation tool by GAVS for IT processes/workflows empowers IT staff with an intuitive workflow design to solemnly focus on intricate assignments that consumes time. This solution initially automates the repeatable tasks and workflows/reducing the manual intervention and boosting the organization's bottom line.

GAVS's predictive analytics platform, GAVel powered by Microsoft Azure, offers insights into the activities of each of the business operations that is carried out aand decreases infrastructure down time and cost. This platform coordinates the events performed and the data that is relied on human intelligence and machine learning predicting potential outages and enhancing user experience in contact center / data center environments. "We have made a significant investment in developing an experience center and ideation system in our organization to seed and test innovative ideas," notes Ganguli.
Vindicating such expertise, GAVS assisted a leading Publishing company that produces and distributes a wide range of publications from letter press pamphlets to digital apps with their solutions. The client wanted to reduce security incidents and breaches in their online content publications and also identify security lapses in their core business applications. They were looking forward to develop proactive solutions and measures to address the security flaws. To this need, GAVS performed critical examination of the client portal to identify vulnerabilities across various levels using automated tools and manual techniques. GAVS then leveraged open web application security project (OWASP)testing methodology to execute application security testing, and submitted a report comprising security gaps and weak areas. This solution protected client's intellectual property, and enhanced their customer experience and safety. It was also able to arrest and safe guard their revenue leakage by cutting down the application security breaches.

Forging ahead, the company is working on its mission to empower its people for a better future, driving sustainability and social responsibility initiatives through employees. GAVS Technologies continuously strives for excellence, reflecting their diverse interests and core values of the company-fostering a sustainable environment for future generations. GAVS Technologies, on a progressive note seeks to bring in innovative changes to make a constructive impact on the community by applying their corporate resources.