Fungible: Paradigm Shift for Scale-out Data Centers

Pradeep Sindhu, Co-Founder and CEO

The current compute-centric server-based architecture of data centers struggle to cope with the input-output (I/O) speed of storage and network as all of the work is performed by general-purpose CPUs. In fact, over the last few decades, there has been almost a 60 times increase in the I/O speed. This results in a mismatch between older architecture and cuttingedge applications that are inherently data-centric. To this end, modern data centers need a new approach that is applicable in today’s demanding environment to scale out and eliminate inefficiencies in computing, storage, and networking.

Fungible has purpose built a solution to address two of the biggest challenges in scale-out data centers – inefficient data interchange between nodes and inefficient execution of data-centric computations. Fungible addresses this problem of inefficient execution of data-centric computations within server nodes. The Fungible Data Processing Unit™ (DPU) serves as the data-path hub in each server node, connecting all servers that strengthen reliability, security, and infrastructure composability.
“DPU solves two fundamental problems in data centers, i.e., interchange of data between server nodes and ineffective computations on general purpose CPUs,” says Pradeep Sindhu, Co-Founder and CEO, Fungible.

The Fungible DPU is a new building block that complements the CPU and GPU. The company is using its DPU to build the best scale-out storage deployments. “The Fungible DPU is not trying to take over the work of CPUs and GPUs. We have used our DPU to build the best scale out storage deployments. Today, it’s called the FS1600—a high performance storage node. This product has already won many awards,” mentions Sindhu. The Fungible DPU improves every node’s performance from virtualized or bare-metal workloads, security to storage datapaths and networking data-paths. Serving mostly to service providers and large enterprises, Fungible focuses on scale-out data center deployments. The company intends to offer a “Fungible Data Center” that can be customized to a given application in less than two minutes.

Moreover, enterprises generally care about running their applications without focusing on infrastructure that often leads to inadequate security, resulting in data loss or theft. The Fungible DPU has built-in security that encrypts all the data, either stored or transmitted. It also has a strong built-in firewall and Virtual Private Network capability to separate applications inside the same data center.
This ensures the security of data as it is difficult to hack or breach a Fungible DPU-powered infrastructure. The Fungible DPU also dramatically reduces the downtime for data centers that helps clients save significant money from the reliability standpoint. Furthermore, with its cost-effective services and products, the company enables enterprises to attain additional economic benefits.

By running proof of concept across various customers, Fungible has already proven that its products provide much higher performance and better durability compared to any other product in the market. The company offers clients the advantage of better agility, speed, and ability to deploy data center applications quickly and securely. To serve its clients better, Fungible is working on delivering the Fungible data centeras- a-service. More importantly, the company employs experts in the compute, network, and storage field for both leadership and the execution team. Fungible’s research and development team strives to develop industryleading products that have the capability to address all the requirements of modern day clients. “We are continually working to revolutionize the performance, economics, reliability, and security of scaleout data centers through our cutting-edge technology and products,” concludes Sindhu.