FIXITY Technologies: Recruiting the Right Talent Matters

Vinay Velivela, CEO

People are the backbone of any business underpinning its ability to thrive and grow. On the road to success, every company requires competent people with the requisite skillset and knowledge in the field. Another vital factor to consider on the route to organizational growth is whether each recruit fits with the company's culture. More often than not, even though a candidate ticks all the boxes, the work culture may not be compatible. How can you determine who is an asset to the team and who is not?

Fixity Technologies addresses these pain points by offering competent and culturally fit candidates who will support and assist an organization's growth. After nearly two decades of offering bestin- class talent acquisition strategies across a broad range of sectors, Vinay Velivela with an MBA from Northern Illinois University, founded Fixity Technologies to provide IT staffing, consulting, and recruiting services to businesses. By implementing the company's blend of tech and high touch built for modern agile firms that are focused on growth, Fixity learns what the applicant's abilities and cultural expectations are, which helps determine if the prospect would be a good fit. As a visionary in talent acquisition, Velivela is working towards a mission to place one million people in the right job, at the right time, and in the right location.

The company strives to provide quality services in four verticals– staffing, solutions, product development and digital marketing.

Quality matters when dealing with a client, a candidate, or a consultant, and when interacting with our employees

Fixity's staffing services comprise five engagement models: permanent staffing, contract staffing, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and onsite recruitment processing (ORP). With these engagement models, the company provides personalized solutions to each client while staying within their time and budget constraints.

Alluding to the company's tagline, "quality matters when dealing with a client, a candidate, or a consultant, and when interacting with our employees," Velivela advocates for transparency in all of their solutions in order to foster longterm relationships. Recognizing that the pandemic resulted in numerous layoffs that impacted candidates, Velivela strives to create job opportunities for them as well. In light of the recent events, Fixity is also committed to fostering candidates' professional and personal growth by placing them in organizations that grant them the best of the benefits designed to provide opportunity and stability in the personal, financial, and professional realms.

In addition to their exemplar staffing solutions, the company specializes in cloud data engineering and data science and delivers knowledge and skill set as well as non-technical support when required by the clients. By trusting Fixity to manage their IT infrastructure, clients can overcome their team's competence constraints and optimize the value of their resources.
As a solution-oriented company, Fixity first analyzes the client's current IT setup and requirements and strives to address current and future potential requirements to provide solutions as warranted.

Adding another feather in its crown is the company's work culture. Velivela strongly believes in incentivizing the young workforce as they represent a company's future. As an empathetic leader with purpose, passion and perseverance, Velivela intends to establish Fixity as an experience that improves the quality of life in employees. To top it all, by fostering a family-like atmosphere in which employees enjoy working, Velivela believes that they will be the engine spearheading the company's success as well. The company believes in the philosophy of taking care of the employees and their families, which in turn results in them taking care of the company. On a similar note, as significant aspects of its organizational culture, the company fosters diversity, women's empowerment, and equal opportunity for freshmen, women, and veterans.

Velivela intends to rebrand how consulting firms are perceived, particularly in the Indian market, by providing high-quality services. Fixity Technologies, which currently has operations in Chicago, United States, and offshore in Hyderabad, India, intends to expand geographically within these two nations first before moving on to Canada and Queretaro, Mexico. For the upcoming five years, Velivela also anticipates that Fixity will be on the path to go to IPO. In terms of the future of Fixity Technologies, Velivela is excited about the future advances in near-shore operations, which hold a lot of advantages, including short time zones that reduce lengthy training and onboarding of candidates on-site and also provide simple access to cloud data.