Fidrox Technologies: Streamlining IAM Process with Integrated Systems

Raj Gopal, CEO

With rapid digital transformation initiatives, the borderline between digital security and physical security is getting blurred every passing day. Today, organizations cannot afford to sift through multiple systems for securing the workplace and digital assets. This makes the entire identity and access management ecosystem fragmented and more complicated to manage— without any intelligence or visibility into various subsystems. The situation necessitates businesses to implement dynamic identity management solutions that can seamlessly verify the identity of every employee or visitor as well as allow role-based access in both the physical and digital realms.

Addressing this need is Fidrox Technologies—an innovative technologies and systems integration solutions provider. Since its inception, the company has been playing a vital role in digitizing IAM ecosystem through the integration of various subsystems into a single software layer. “We partner with best in class product companies or offer our own products to deliver secure, internet-based applications and services to clients,” says Raj Gopal, CEO, Fidrox Technologies.
Its cost-effective solutions help clients simplify the authentication process of their workforce, partners, and customers and optimize productivity, leading to increased ROI.

Fidrox Technologies’ cutting-edge face recognition system—FVx-500—delivers advanced enterprise-grade authentication and access control for high-level identity management and superior security. “Our face recognition system integrates easily with clients’ existing enterprise infrastructure and provides multi-face detection and tracking in real-time,” says Gopal. This technology is applied across various applications, including video surveillance, crime prevention, person verification, and other security activities in different industries. In airports, for example, it addresses the ever-growing security needs. Automating the passenger validation process at airport entry by implementing biometrics solutions such as fingerprint and facial recognition, Fidrox Technologies helps airport operators to enhance the experience for passengers while strengthening their security. On the other hand, Fidrox Technologies’ Visitor Identity Manager automates the visitor identity management lifecycle, enabling easier management of every physical identity. This web-based solution with face recognition capabilities streamlines visitor management with minimal overheads. It allows for the preregistration and cancellation of visitors’ e-pass or paper passes and notifies hosts, security personal, and visitors.
Visitors can easily register themselves using a government id or a photograph while sitting at their office or home. They can quickly show the QR code or validation form on their phone during the facility visit and proceed without hassle.

Owing to its wide range of solutions, Fidrox Technologies has had great success in the Indian market and now plans to expand its footprints in the U.S. and European markets as well. In fact, they have already established offices in the U.S. and Europe. Along with the geographical expansion plan, the company is looking forward to collaborating with consulting firms to explore new markets strategically and help automate identity management at smart campuses. “We have recently partnered with a Dutch company to codesign a product around analytics and facial recognition. This collaboration is going to be very beneficial for our growth,” says Gopal. The company further aims to build a partner ecosystem that will allow them to work with any current partner of the ecosystem instead of competing with them. As opposed to reinventing the wheel, these partners can enhance their capability of providing Fidrox Technologies’ solution and exceed clients’ expectations with effective service. With the continuous support from its employees, the company is heading towards its mission at an unprecedented pace. “Our ability, motivation, and the right attitude will help us excel in the space and become a leading technology solutions company,” prides Gopal.