Express Analytics: Incisive Strategies for Marketing Analytics

Hemant Warudkar

Founder & CEO

Every interaction that prospects make along the customer journey tends to reveal valuable information about their buying behaviors and patterns. With proper interpretation and analysis of this data, organizations can understand the importance of each customer segment in their business and recommend relevant services and products. "Offering relevancy presenting the right content to the right person at the right time is very important from a customer retention point of view," begins Hemant Warudkar, Founder and CEO, Express Analytics. "This is where our powerful, analytical algorithms provide a competitive edge to our clients." Express Analytics offers cloud-based predictive marketing analytics, customer segmentation analytics, big data and data ware housing, and dashboards and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis.

The company's solutions comprise four distinct layers Data Integration, Machine Learning and Intelligence,
Presentation,and Actions designed to improve marketing campaigns and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)such as customer response or engagement rates. Express Analytics assists organizations in integrating their marketing activities with the most modern email service providers, social media platforms, and wireless carriers to cover all channels of client communication."Our ability to handle billions of emails and transactions per month, and analyze them in a timely manner allows us to create longitudinal profiles complete buying history of each customer," says Warudkar. "Using these profiles and their up to the minute digital interactions, organizations can stay up to date with their customer interactions through any channel, improving the predictability of their marketing."

Express Analytics effectively manages resource intensive marketing operations for its clients, which enables them to focus on their core marketing objectives. In one instance, Express Analytics helped one of its clients in the retail industry improve its profit margins and business productivity on "By analyzing the client's data we figured out that they were offering about 25 percent discount to customers when they could have consistently won the sale at much lesser discounts," explains Warudkar. It was important to monitor the delivery time, ratings, competitors, and opportunities for the client to maximize their revenue and profitability. By identifying all these elements, Express Analytics
was able to suggest the client to reduce their discount margins and still win the sale and increase the bottomline.

Express Analytics has vast experience with data warehouse implementations across diverse industries. The company understands that the architecture and tools used to build the data warehouse are critical to create an analytical infrastructure that is resilient during organizational changes. Apart from data warehousing, Express Analytics also provides a 'Self Service Adhoc Analytics Platform' that enables businesses to create reports without depending on IT teams. Using this discovery platform and its in built advanced data visualization techniques, enterprises can recognize hidden patterns in their data, which may shed new light on their key business issues.

Currently, the company is on the verge of launching a major initiative of its cloud-based data and analytics integration solution. In addition, Express Analytics is focused on expanding its analytics operations in South Asia especially, in India, where Warudkar feels there are a number of opportunities in the retail industry. "The data structures and the infrastructures in the Indian retail market are not up to the mark," says Warudkar. "We believe that we can bring a very unique proposition to the Indian retail industry. We intend to democratize advanced analytics to help the small retailers compete effectively on the digital market places "