Evive Health: Increasing Employee Benefits Utilization

Peter Saravis

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Chicago-based Evive Health has a unique service to offer; the company has developed a proprietary technology and communications platform that has been helping businesses drive employee engagement and increase employee benefits utilization. The company started back in 2007 when co-founders Prashant Srivastava, CEO, and Peter Saravis, Executive Chairman, sought out to solve a problem persistent in the healthcare industry— while the industry was moving towards a consumer model, there was little being done to make it ‘consumer-friendly.’ Today, Evive is continuously working on developing new tools to enhance their solutions offering and to continually engage with people regarding employee benefits.

Initially, the most significant challenge Evive faced was the lack of centralized data. Furthermore, the company did not have a way to identify a customer uniquely. These initial problems were factored due to the proliferation of vendors and variation in data. Over the years, Evive created a platform to uniquely identify individuals and has also developed a ‘cleaning process’ to make data usable.

Evive’s unique platform is powered by big data, predictive analytics, and behavioral sciences.

Evive’s unique platform is powered by big data, predictive analytics, and behavioral sciences

Evive mines years’ worth of data integrates the platform with the health industry’s most robust data set, merging employee data with relevant external data. For the end customers, this brings personalized benefits, healthcare suggestions, and interventions. Customers are reminded on a timely notice about upcoming benefits and health-related activities. “The value story we bring to the table is an end-to-end closed loop–for example–we monitor if a user paid a visit to the doctor’s office for an annual physical or not,” says Srivastava.

The company’s solutions—My Evive, Evive Inside, and Paper Evive—are designed to give employees better insights on health and financial security, to improve their bottom-line, and to foster employee loyalty. My Evive brings together the entire benefits ecosystem into one simple platform, which is personalized for each user. Evive Inside alerts users with analytics-driven banners which are compatible with all websites. The banners feature relevant messages curated by Evive’s predictive analytics platform using the data integration provided by the user. In contrast to the first two ‘digital’ solutions, Paper Evive is an ‘analog’ solution. Paper Evive delivers care reminders and saving opportunities directly to an employee’s home mailbox.

Srivastava says that the strength and differentiating factors of Evive lie in their “depth and breadth of data, predictive analytics, behavioral economics and a closed-loop system.”
Evive’s systems are continuously updated and fed with data to give accurate, timely, and personalized communications. Results from predictive data analytics allow Evive to target personalized messages to individuals, while behavioral economics dramatically increases the likelihood of users taking action.

Recently, a global telecommunications company was experiencing substantially low preventive and chronic care utilization as their employees were unaware of the plans. Evive helped the telecommunications company to increase member adherence to preventive and chronic screening, improve member health, and minimize avoidable treatment costs. Evive came in, evaluated historical and medical claims data to identify members in need of preventive and chronic care and designed engagements tailored to each employee. “By personalizing engagement and activating principles of behavioral science, Evive significantly increased member adherence to preventive screenings and chronic care services over previous mass-communication efforts― without adding incentives or changes in coverage,” adds Srivastava.

Currently, Evive is thinking along the lines of offering their solutions in a SaaS or a PaaS model, which will empower them to add MNCs of over 100K employees to a benefit platform within days or weeks. With a great work culture, passionate staff, and strong technical capability, Evive has helped millions of people leverage healthcare, 401(k), and other employee benefits to add more value to work and life.