Eoxys Systems: Embracing The IoT Wave

Annavi Prabhakar, CEO

Eoxys Systems is an innovation-based, technologydriven Internet of Things (IoT) Product Engineering company with an expertise in IoT Product Engineering Design, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud computing Solutions, Led by Annavi Prabhakar (CEO), the company designs and delivers highimpact of business transformative industrial solutions that exceed customer expectations. Eoxys Systems recently got acquired by Meritech, Japan who is a leading IOT Solution and Mobile network monitoring tools company in Japan.

On a mission to unlock the growing potential of Internet of Things technology, Eoxys technology-agnostic support to their Customers to design and build the IoT products to meet industry business critical demands as a R&D partner and helps in the integration of IoTproduct and application systems.

Built on the vision of keeping its clients happy and satisfied, Eoxys has been the preferred choice of global customers for more than a decade. The company has a rich experience in IOT Product Engineering (electronic HW, embedded SW, and ID design) of IoT Smart Devices, architecting & implementing AI & ML, Cloud Software solutions for IOT and Enterprise IT using its proven development frameworks and architecting and implementing Embedded SW Applications using the best development frameworks and protocols for RTOSs, like TI RTOS, FreeRTOS, etc.

Eoxys has upgraded itself in RPA and added to its portfolio Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It works closely with the clients to understand and analyze their requirements to build suitable custom Workflow RPA solutions for advanced data transformation, Dashboard visualization and AI/ML based predictive maintenance applications.

Eoxys Systems has come up with innovative IoT products in the market that include IoT wearable Sensor Watch, IOT Machine Condition Monitoring sensors, IOT Wear Monitoring Device, and IOT Gateway, bringing intelligence to your machines, for various verticals.

Eoxys has upgraded itself in RPA and added to its portfolio Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Eoxys started out in 2010 as a startup company, without any external financial support from investment firms. The company has grown independently without tie ups with any financial institutions for monetary benefits. It has seen organic growth through the years, generating its revenue through its own support system, and this year 2021 Eoxys got acquired by Meritech Japan to establish and expand its reach to the global market. Foreseeing a future that is leaning towards tremendous market growth, Eoxys is striving to expand its services across different regions on the globe. With branches in the USA and Japan, Eoxys is now closer to its goal of becoming a global company in the field of IoT Product Engineering and IoT Smart Devices.

Eoxys has devoted itself to customer satisfaction and growth. Eoxys has also many supporting plan to speed up the go-to market strategies. In addition to that, the engineers at Eoxys develop solutions for to cut down development time and be able to provide tailor-made solutions rapidly to the clients.

Understanding the problem statement of the customers keenly, the company makes sure every aspect of the expectations are met and within a short time, ensure that all the requirements have addressed with industry standards prior to deliver the POC product for field test, following customer feedback and undergoing iterations until the customer is fully satisfied, Eoxys takes the customeroriented approach to the next level.

The company seeks customer feedback at every milestone in the development process so that each customer as well as the end user is satisfied. Being a B2B company, Eoxys ensures that every aspect of the device is developed on the basis the real time problem of the customer, so that the client has the product knowledge required to make things more convenient for the end user.


The raging pandemic has taken a toll on every business and its employees.
Eoxys has not just kept itself afloat during these challenging times, but also made sure that the employees associated with the company stay safe and motivated. The company has ensured that each employee is vaccinated and takes required safety measures against the spread of infection. It has provided all the facilities required for the employees to work remotely. With HR always on call and every department ready to help in case of any emergency, the employees rest assured even in times like this. The company is also dedicated to furthering their career goals and provides training opportunities for upcoming projects


Eoxys TUNE offers a simple, and straightforward deployment of TCP Middleware Server that saves time and money by offering easy enablement of Message Transfer Protocols for the deployed embedded edge devices. With everything processed on a single server platform, it offers easier access, edit, finalize onboarding of devices and configure message transfer protocols to communicate with End Application Servers all in one place.

The company has provided health insurance to its employees that covers individuals as well as their family members. Taking care of the team in any and every way possible and offering them support and timely monetary benefits for their achievements has kept the spirits at Eoxys high.


Internet of Things and AI/ML being some of the latest technological advancements, are bound to grow and expand beyond our imagination. Every small, medium, and large enterprise has an eye out for the transformation that these technologies can bring about. IoT and AI/ML can speed up the process of manufacturing, environment support systems, and help in overall upgradation of a business. With the domain of their expertise presenting a scope such as this, Eoxys is looking towards a bigger and brighter future.

The company plans to support its clients and meet the challenges the technological advancement poses, so as to become a part of their success. Eoxys is adapting its ecosystem to be able to conquer future challenges. Within the next two to three years, the company expects to grow by five hundred people, and expand in terms of region and customers.