Enterprise Solutions: The Defining Pillars of Excellence

Sunder Pillai, COO and Umesh Ghai, Founder & President

During the turbulent times of the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, there was an uproar in the market with a great number of companies going bust. That was when the founders of Illinois-based Enterprise Solutions thought of starting the company, raising questions about why they would do so when companies were going bankrupt everywhere. With high hopes of doing well, the company started with a handful of clients primarily from the California Bay area, where they laid the foundation of Enterprise Solutions. Much to their own and everyone’s surprise, they had a good run as they were very client-centric and did not chase after technology with the crowd. In a time when everyone has become technology-centric and are moving away from customers, Enterprise Solutions has not lost sight of their customers over the years and successfully continues in the same vein.

After establishing an office at Chicago, Enterprise Solutions grew and began diversifying into varied markets, such as the system integration, the managed services, and the VMS/MSP space.

The Enterprise way of doing business is very transparent, scalable, and driven by a passionate team of individuals

The company started honing in on certain technologies eventually becoming one of the go-to partners for Oracle ERP implementations. As of now, their ongoing interest is in the blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) market space.

Enterprise Solutions has consolidated and realigned based on their team’s industry focus and expertise. The company has organized itself around the airlines, banking and financial, communication media and technology, energy utility, life sciences, and retail and manufacturing sectors.

What helps Enterprise Solutions keep the customer right in the front and center of their solution or of their processes is the scalability framework that they follow, which has four key pillars with the customer being right in the center. A key pillar is employee retention which is purely their inward focus on employees, irrespective of the size of the company. Enterprise Solutions also has consistently worked on improving their time to market, which is the second pillar. Thirdly, the company focuses on the tailored delivery model which relates to Enterprise Solutions selling to customers based on what they require.
“It’s important for us to not consider every customer as a straitjacket fit solution, if there needs to be some customization,” says Umesh Ghai, founder and President of Enterprise Solutions. The last and most important aspect of their scalability framework is looking at everything from a compliance point of view.

“Given the size that we are and given the thought process that Enterprise Solutions follows from a scalability standpoint, the only way we could go from here is North in the sense of growth,” adds Ghai. The triangulation of people, process, and technology, and finding that right center would help Enterprise Solutions scale.

The reason for Enterprise Solutions’ success, is their customers’ belief in what the company does for them. “The Enterprise way of doing business is very transparent, scalable, and driven by a passionate team of individuals,” states Sunder Pillai, COO of Enterprise Solutions. “That’s the differentiator for Enterprise Solutions.”

Enterprise continues to focus on strategic expansions by adopting new technology, strengthening existing relationships by extending their services in new verticals and continuing to acquire new customers. With our continued quest of expanding into the global markets we have has started our operations in Canada. Aiming high but being grounded is equally very important for Enterprise Solutions, knowing that ground realities connect them to their existing and potential customers at any and all levels, which is the key highlight for the company.