Eltropy: Driving Secure Digital Engagement

Ashish Garg , Co-founder and CEO

Community financial institutions serve more than two-thirds of America’s tax-paying population, including the underserved in remote areas. These organizations are gradually migrating toward a complete digital service model to better communicate with their consumers. Consumers, however, still expect face-to-face conversation while making crucial financial decisions, such as applying for loans.

This is where Eltropy makes a world of difference with a scalable, enterprise digital communications platform. It allows clients to manage different modes of communication— video calls, voice call, and text messaging—from anywhere.

The cloud-hosted Eltropy platform runs on any web browser. Agents at banks and credit unions can simply log in and connect with consumers in the channel of their choice by sending a link. This outbound communication helps financial institutions expand the scope of their services and engage consumers across a suite of digital channels.
The platform also supports inbound communication. Whenever a consumer wants to connect with financial institutions, they can go to their financial institution's website and start their banking session by choosing their preferred form of communication—text, chat, or video call.

“Our scalable, secure, and compliant solution empowers American credit unions and community banks to serve the huge underserved population,” says Ashish Garg, Co-Founder and CEO, Eltropy.

The Eltropy platform easily integrates with core banking systems that process daily banking transactions and post updates to accounts and other financial records. It also blends well with loan origination systems to streamline the loan process with better verification options. The platform’s integration capabilities further expand to e-signature, collection, document storage, and CRM systems, like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, to elevate the overall user experience. These hassle-free integrations are possible due to Eltropy’s out-of-the-box connectors.

Eltropy recently launched an appointment management module that enables end users to schedule a meeting with loan officers, bank managers, and other staff members. End users can book video call appointments through their bank’s website. This module plugs in perfectly with all the communication interfaces, strengthening financial institutions’ digital presence.
The success story of Idaho Central Credit Union, which has about nine $9 billion in assets under management, is a testament to Eltropy’s indomitable fervor to help clients succeed. About three years ago, the credit union was looking for solutions to facilitate client communication remotely and securely, and engaged Eltropy.

Our scalable, secure, and compliant solution empowers American credit unions and community banks to serve the huge underserved population

Eltropy accelerated the member authentication process by 300 percent, with an additional layer of security. As a result, when their members call them, the client could authenticate a person’s identity within three minutes by asking ten different questions and sending a one-time password (OTP) to the member’s phone. This allowed the client to drive a better experience for its members and reduce the number of staff at call centers.

Eltropy’s passionate team has created numerous happy clients by delivering high-value services and solutions. Striving to serve its clients in the best ways possible, Eltropy continually enhances the capabilities of its product suite using AI. It is designing best-in-breed solutions through strategic M&As to improve operations, engagement, and productivity for financial institutions.