eLaunchers: Getting The Most Value From Every Marketing Dollar

Parthiv Shah, President

Technology empowers a business or professional to reach more people with lower costs than ever. However, technology can be a double-edged sword. Used incorrectly, marketing automation gives you no advantage. Used properly, to deliver messages persuasive enough to get people to WANT to do business with you, marketing automation can drive impressive growth. The KEY to sell more of your product or service is TRAFFIC and CONVERSION. Without reaching enough prospects, no one sees your message. And, without the right message, no one responds. People don’t buy because they receive a message. They buy because your message gets their attention and talks about something important. With the right message, your prospects see you as different, not just another voice begging for attention. Ultimately, we buy from people we trust. When your messages build trust, price and competition no longer matter. Your prospects will ignore competitors, and do business with you, because your message demonstrated you are the right choice for them. When your marketing accomplishes this, the sky’s the limit. Both EVERYTHING and NOTHING has changed.
Automation has changed everything about how to reach people and deliver a message. However, human nature hasn’t changed. Not one bit. In a crowded market with automation companies promising to deliver the sun, moon, and stars, YOUR MESSAGE is the only thing that distinguishes you. Crafting the right message for first contact, new lead follow-up, conversion, lost customer reactivation, long-term nurture and so on, is what sets eLaunchers apart. eLaunchers helps develop and deliver the right targeted message to connect with your prospects, and get a response.

eLaunchers is far more than just a digital marketing company. eLaunchers offers a turnkey, end-to-end conversion solution called the Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform, which according to eLaunchers president, Parthiv Shah, is “The perfect fusion of marketing and technology for effective, automated, online, and offline marketing campaigns.” The platform helps capture and convert a steady stream of leads, nurture prospects in the sales pipeline, strengthen relationships with customers, and persuade them to share their stories. eLaunchers’ typical clients range from high profile marketers to local dentists, orthodontists, attorneys, and financial advisors, but the company’s solution is applicable to all types of businesses.

Most agencies focus on lead generation. However, each business has unique needs not fulfilled by a one size fits all solution.

We offer the perfect fusion of marketing and technology for effective, automated, online and offline marketing campaigns

If a marketing agency fails to identify the root cause of the problems a client faces, and blindly addresses the wrong areas, it is like arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. eLaunchers recognizes each business is different and tailors a custom marketing approach to get results. Shah states marketing campaigns need to strike a balance between strategy and a plan of implementation to get the desired results. He says, “We embrace complexity unlike other companies that have an aversion to it due to our ability to deliver successful outcomes.”

eLaunchers core offerings are designed to meet specific needs. If you want to become a recognized authority in your field, eLaunchers Authority Infrastructure Is ideal for the purpose. Their High Value Client Marketing Machine is ideal for any professional service provider or business that sells a high-dollar product or service. And, their Ultimate Conversion Platform is complete marketing solution for first-contact through conversion and long term nurture. Having successfully completed over ten thousand marketing campaigns, eLaunchers possesses remarkable experience in solving unique challenges for its clients. eLaunchers is a perfect partner for companies looking to achieve high conversion and ROI rates.