Edkal Technologies: Next-Gen IT and Automation Solutions for Businesses

Satyajit Bandyopadhyay, CEO

“As organizations are focused more on delivering high-end results to their clients, it is paramount that IT solution vendors offer technologies that help these companies achieve this goal,” begins Satyajit Bandyopadhyay, CEO of Edkal Technologies. Edkal Technologies is a part of Sami-Sabinsa group, which holds more than 200 patents and around 700 trademarks and has a global presence. Edkal Technologies has an advantage and operates in several markets providing digital and automation solutions to businesses.

Having primarily worked in the nutritional, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical space, Edkal Technologies is now expanding to provide IT services to its clients for enhancing their operational efficiency. The company has developed and designed various platforms to assist its clients in managing their cloud computing, online marketing, data analytics, and DevOps processes along with strategic workforce planning. Edkal Technologies has developed its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) on the cloud platform.
The platform takes care of all the unique aspects of pharma and life sciences industry, from research and development (R&D) of drugs to their distribution, abiding by the regulations of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). “Our team is well versed in the massive task of moving businesses to cloud. We have learned the entire process through training and support from cloud vendors. We even undertake the reverse engineering and testing process after a successful migration of business to the cloud,” explains Bandyopadhyay.

Edkal Technologies also offers patent management software to aid businesses in managing their patents and trademarks. Edkal Technologies has developed an online retail multi-level marketing application and website that allow retailers and distributors to supervise their businesses end-to-end. Furthermore, the company has partnerships with numerous IT giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Google and Oracle. “These partnerships enable our clients to leverage multiple services, but that is not all. Our team’s focus is to establish alliances with Amazon, and Dell for which we have already initiated the partnership and certification processes,” states Bandyopadhyay.

As the Edkal Technologies team brings extensive experience of building several in-house solutions and platforms, it can comprehend the risks that surface while developing the digital platforms, and thus, works toward mitigating them, especially for the healthcare and pharma industry.
The team not only designs the entire system for its clients but also imparts the knowledge about where and how to deploy their systems in Cloud.

Recently, Edkal Technologies assisted a firm building their website and multi-level marketing platform in the cosmeceutical space to expand into the Middle and Far East countries such as Dubai, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and South Korea. The client was involved in manufacturing expensive cosmetics that contained concentrated turmeric oil. Edkal Technologies supervised the complete process of building the website right from the backend integration with the stores and inventory to taking care of dispatch. Similarly, Edkal Technologies aided one of the US-based pharma companies to reverse trace its products and also determine their shelf life and manufacturing date.

With a major focus on its ERP on cloud platform and partnerships with numerous IT companies, Edkal Technologies continues to grow its customer base. Having set its foot in the US and India, the company now aims to introduce its solutions in the European market. The company’s next step is to work on bioinformatics and build additional analytics capabilities to understand the customers’ behavior along with providing support for clinical trials in the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical businesses.