Dutta Law Firm: Every Immigration Case Needs Personal Attention

Neena Dutta, Principal Attorney

I mmigration alone is daunting, but the employment-based process is onerous to tackle. The employees who come from their homeland often have very little knowledge about the procedure, or have anecdotal information from listservs and social media, which can often be incorrect or inapplicable to them. In many cases, employees aren’t kept fully informed of their progress in the process. Delays are stressful and confusing, add the lack of transparency and that can lead to major frustration. The practice for most law firms is to process immigration for employers as cookie-cutter cases without evaluating the situationand taking the individual into account. The Dutta Law Firm (DLF) differs in its empathy and humanity when approaching cases. By keeping employers and employees educated and informed, the firm instills confidence and assurance.

DLF represents a variety of employers, advising them on business-related immigration matters involving the recruitment, hiring, transfer, and retention of foreign nationals in the U.S.
As Neena Dutta, Principal Attorney of DLF, says, “What matters to us is that if the clients feel informed and feel like they have skin in the game. If they possess knowledge and control of their case, they feel at ease and confident about the process.”

DLF has extensive experience with employment-based visas, including H-1Bs, TNs, Ls, Es, and Os. On the Green Card side, the firm has had much success with EB-1 extraordinary ability visas, EB-1s, such as intercompany transfer managers, scientists, outstanding researchers, and EB-5s known as “the millionaire investor.” Beyond employment-based immigration law DLF also prepares Family-Based Green card applications, as the two are sometimes related. A person could go through the whole green card process and once they acquire citizenship, decide they may wish to bring and sponsor their parents to live in the US with them.

DLF looks at the situation holistically before embarking upon the visa journey with clients. As Neena says, “We think outside the box. Just because someone qualifies or asks for a particular visa, it does not mean that is the most appropriate visa for them." You don’t go to the doctor and tell them to cut off your leg – you ask them to examine and diagnose you, which is what we do.” Using this approach DLF ensures that the immigration process is the most effective for that particular individual.
The visa which suits one person might not be appropriate for another individual at all. The firm always prepares clients for government interactions, such as visa interviews and even arrival at the border, as these can be challenging situations which could alter the course of an individual’s life.

Neena strongly advocates for small businesses and start-ups as passionately as she does for immigration reform. In fact, she is a member of many professional organizations that aid in the growth of SMEs. For example, she is an alumni of the Goldman Sachs’ non-profit program called10,000 Small Businesses, 10KSB. It is an initiative where Goldman, normally known for global investment banking, has created a mini-incubator for small business owners to gain practical skills negotiation, marketing, or employee management, similar to the skills gained during an MBA. DLF’s advocacy work for small business was further propelled by Neena’s appointment to the Executive Board of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), NYC, an association which represents 11 million women business owners in the US. The hope is to strengthen business and immigration, leading to stability and economic success which are great foundations for the American Dream.