Dubey Law Office, PLLC: Personalized Services for Seamless Immigration

Prashant Dubey, Attorney at Law and Founder

In a world where products and services are growing more commoditized, customer experience is the only true differentiator.”

These words by internationally recognized CX thought leader Annette Franz accurately exemplify the significance of personalized customer experiences and the difference they make across industries. Take the legal industry, for instance. Successfully administering a legal practice requires more than just delivering services. Since the industry is centered around individuals, law firms must adopt customer-centric strategies and provide personalized services to ensure optimum client satisfaction. Upholding this ideology and making personalized CX the bedrock of its operations is Dubey Law Office, PLLC

“We take a very deliberate and individualized approach to deliver services, listening to clients and providing appropriate guidance,” says Prashant Dubey, attorney at law and founder of Dubey Law Office.

Unlike traditional law firms that perform group litigations, Dubey Law Office focuses on personalizing litigations of individuals in accordance with their requirements. The firm delivers industry-leading legal services and helps businesses and individuals adapt to the dynamic landscape of US immigration.
As a result of this personalization, Dubey Law Office delivers curated responses to each client at every stage of their journey. Dubey Law Office guides them through the intricacies of immigration and saves them from the hassle of dealing with related bureaucracies and administrative red tape.

Dubey goes the extra mile to educate clientele on social media platforms, adding value to their lives and functioning as a trusted advisor. He addresses their queries and conducts webinars and information sessions to inform them about altering regulations and the ever-changing immigration landscape. The firm has its finger on the pulse of immigration trends and challenges and enables clients to successfully navigate them. Whether a delayed approval of EAD applications, 221G visa delays, or delayed green card processing, Dubey Law Office offers strategic advice for mitigating numerous immigration obstacles. The firm has consistently delivered results and helped over 500 families successfully litigate against delays in the H4 EAD, visa, and green card processes.

A typical engagement with Dubey Law Office begins with an intake call where Dubey delves into an individual’s immigration history, processing bottlenecks, and respective factors behind the delays. Understanding the complexities and subtleties of a client’s position, he crafts a compelling argument and highlights their problem areas in court. In Dubey’s words, bringing the facts and challenges to light has enabled his firm to file and get approval for over 500 lawsuits.

To paint a picture of the firm’s capabilities, Dubey shares a customer engagement story where one of its clients was struggling to secure a severance package.
The client, whose EAD had expired, was instructed by the employer to furnish work authorization. It was only a short time before Dubey identified the risk the individual faced. In response, Dubey and his team approached the United States Department of Justice and emphasized how the client could lose $100,000. Dubey scheduled a biometric appointment for the client who, upon attending it, secured the severance package a week later. On another occasion, Dubey assisted a highrisk pregnant client in getting her EAD approved and ensured her job and health insurance. Besides helping working professionals, Dubey has a longstanding experience in assisting students to resolve their immigration issues. He recently expedited the F1 visa approval process for a student from Singapore who had secured admission in Columbia University.

We take a very deliberate and individualized approach to deliver services, listening to clients and providing appropriate guidance

With its customer-centric approach, Dubey Law Office has bolstered the confidence of many people throughout their immigration journeys and delivered great experiences. Dubey’s dexterity and meticulous nature have empowered him to venture beyond corporate boundaries and offer a personal touch. As unprecedented events–national and international emergencies, natural catastrophes, and healthcare crises–continue to be a handbrake on immigration, Dubey Law Office will make the associated processes seamless and help individuals translate their American dream into a reality.