DoWhistle: Revolutionizing On-The-Go Services with a Hyperlocal Business Model

Raja. M. Appachi, CEO and Co-Founder

Have you ever pondered a future where consumers could seek service providers on-the-go and vice versa? Imagine you walk into a mall, come across a lucrative offer on apparels, and spontaneously notify somebody nearby to share the offer so you could avail the offer while reducing your cost. Likewise, think of a scenario where a commuter could know about the live inventory of a moving bus to gain information on seat availability. Also, how about musing on a future where a salon owner could apply spot discounts on weekdays based on the frequency of customers in close proximity searching for a salon? But the reason all this appears to be more like a snippet from Philip K. Dick’s novel than an actual scenario is because available search engines have failed to strike the perfect balance between those requirements and fulfilments. Even though the existing search engine giants like Google have been helping people look up all their queries online, they haven’t dealt with the current livelihoods of all those searches. And that is exactly what DoWhistle has set out to do.

While working as a big data architect for some of the most eminent companies like Netflix, Raja M. Apacchi, the CEO and Co-Founder of DoWhistle, noticed the gap where available search engines fell short of feeding the live data of the online searches. And out of this realization, DoWhistle—Appachi’s brainchild, was born.As a state-of-the-art GPS-tracking app, DoWhistle is bridging the distance between “need” and have” in real-time. The dynamic app allows a user to create a notification or “whistle” that sends a beep alert to both parties—the one who needs the service and the one providing it, when they are geographically nearing each other, thus connecting them effectively.
DoWhistle uses four attributes, such as tags and skills, location radius, the whistles’ expiry time, and whether they are consumers or providers. Based on these four attributes, with a single whistle, a consumer can avail a particular service by a service provider present in the vicinity and vice versa.

The whistle can then lead to multiple whistles like resonating frequencies pouring in numerous orders through the information shared within DoWhistle. “Be it delivering goods, managing logistics, or officiating events for a social cause, DoWhistle makes a difference in ordinary people’s lives by giving rise to a community of service providers and consumers,” states Appachi.

The groundbreaking platform is also curated to function effectively under a B2B model as well. For instance, logistics can be one of the trickiest aspects of running a business. Reckoning its vitality in business operations, DoWhistle has created a platform for logistics named Whistle Freights that facilitates Instant truck booking, fast payment, fare negotiation, live-shipment status, and also truck and driver management. The transporter can showcase a freight truck’s capacity based on its live location, and the nearest available warehouse can book the truck and start the next journey. Consequently, it becomes a shipper-friendly platform because the shipper gets to book the nearest available trucks. “We are also discussing with banks in India for offering credit facility to the transporter, ensuring the driver is always paid before he takes the material or the shipment to the consignee,” remarks Mihir Akolkar, COO and Co-Founder of DoWhistle.It is Whistle Freight’s outstanding ability to digitize logistics that has turned the platform into a guiding force in the logistics industry, subsequently making DoWhistle a preferred vendor for JSW Group, India’s leading conglomerate spearheading initiatives in core sectors like steel, energy, and cement, among others.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that owing to their unrivaled hyper-local business model, the company has surpassed the bounds of on-the-go services. Noticing that most developed countries take three minutes to dispatch the police in times of unlikely events, DoWhistle has come up with an idea wherein people living nearby in a locality can alert each other about an impending danger with the help of a single click. They can create dynamic fencing to help each other, even before the police arrive.

Similarly, the platform also proved to be successful in India for connecting blood donors for a blood donation campaign, drawing over 30,000 whistlers on board. But most interestingly, the platform is also considered a viable alternative for Uber that enables state taxi drivers to connect with the passengers regarding their availability and live location.

Riding on top of the success of its intuitive app, DoWhistle is also in talks with European governments to deploy the app for taxi drivers in and around Europe, as the company plans to further incorporate the platform into many other emerging B2B models. But strategically, what Appachi and Akolkar have been lately planning is to implement DoWhistle across bigger cities like Bangalore, San Francisco, Chennai, or Mumbai, for availing services like gas on-the-go, or even money on-the-go.

With just a single click, consumers can reach a delivery executive who, just like delivering grocery, can deliver the money as well. “As a result, it will give rise to a huge nexus of consumers and service providers through which big cities can solve their daily problems with a click of a button in the foreseeable future,” remarks Appachi. So no matter if one is at home, work, transit, or the local pub, if they are looking for a service provider or a customer nearby, they are just a whistle away! “The possibilities with DoWhistle are limitless!” concludes Appachi.